Volume 96, Issue 59
Wednesday, January 15, 2003

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Chilling in a car factory feels Somehow Hollow

By Dan Bowyer
Gazette Staff

Gazette file photo
SEE WHAT I CAN DO WITH THIS GUITAR? Somehow Hollow will be rockin' out at Fanshawe College tonight.

Guitarist Mike Casarin of Ontario rockers Somehow Hollow, recent signees with Victory Records, took some time to answer 12 Questions with The Gazette.

1) How long has Somehow Hollow been a band?

This August we will have been a band for three years.

2) How many people are part of Somehow Hollow?

Four. I play bass and sing, Kent Abbott and Brad Casarin play guitar and Drew Clark plays drums.

3) Where did the band get its name?

Kent and I were at work in a car factory sitting on the rollers and we just came up with it. I guess we felt "somehow hollow."

4) It is widely known that all members of Somehow Hollow used to play in the now-defunct band Grade. How is your relationship with the other former members of Grade?

Great! We play road hockey with some of those guys regularly, but I haven't seen (former Grade vocalist) Kyle Bishop or (former Grade drummer) Charles Moniz since Grade broke up.

5) How is your relationship with your new record label, Chicago's Victory Records?

Victory really takes care of their bands when they are on tour, and we have become friends with some of the bands on the label, like Catch 22 and Taking Back Sunday.

6) Your new record Busted Wings and Rusted Halos is due in stores on Jan. 21 in Canada and a week later in the United States. What are your hopes for the album?

Hopefully, we will increase our fanbase, but I don't care about the number of records we sell and all that industry crap. A lot of my hopes for the record have already been fulfilled – the artwork for it came out looking awesome and it will be released worldwide.

7) How do you stay sane on tour?

Beat each other up!

8) A number of bands on the Ontario scene besides yourselves, such as Moneen, Lucerin Blue and Silverstein, have recently signed record and/or distribution deals. What has been the cause of this success?

Being around successful bands makes us want to be successful.

9) Is the success of Ontario mall punk and trendcore bands, such as Not By Choice and Sum 41, a help or a hindrance to the underground Ontario scene?

It's a hindrance; it's not honest and really fake. You don't know if bands like that are being real, or if it's all a lie.

10) A number of great records came out in the year that has just passed. What was your favourite album of 2002?

Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends.

11) And the worst record of 2002 in your opinion?

The Get Up Kids – On a Wire. I tried to get into it a bunch of times, but just couldn't.

12) Any final words for Gazette readers?

London rocks, it's fun to get drunk there!

Somehow Hollow plays Fanshawe College tonight, with special guests Savory. Admission is $4.


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