Volume 96, Issue 59
Wednesday January 14, 2003
Insanity plea

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LAST UPDATED: Wednesday January 15, 2003 - 12:30 p.m.

Rally held to battle cuts to social housing

A rally was held behind London City Hall yesterday afternoon to protest a proposed municipal budget cut of $2 million to affordable social housing in the city.

You choo-choo-choosed me?
Western the first choice of more students

It seems more and more people are placing Western at the top of their application when applying to universities.

The number of first-choice applications for Western has increased 56 per cent between 1993 and 2002, while the remaining universities in Ontario have seen only an average increase of 16 per cent.

Feds may boost childcare funding in upcoming budget

Daycare spending is expected to be a large part of the upcoming federal government budget in February. The Liberal government is expected to set aside more than $1 billion to assist daycare and low-income families with children.

Booze good for heart, not just the soul

Drink up guys – gals you're on your own.

A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that moderate drinking – three or four times a week – led to a 35 per cent lower risk of a heart attack in comparison to non-drinkers.

Manitoba to battle Maclean's ranking

The University of Manitoba is looking at ways to improve their standings in the annual university rankings by Maclean's magazine.

According to John Danakas, director of public affairs for the University of Manitoba, a president's committee was formed to look at the implications of the recent rankings issued by Maclean's, which placed the university at 15th in the category of medical-doctoral institutions.


Homegrown scholars the new educational trend?

Students across the country are taking a step away from the traditional classroom setting and moving towards online learning.

According to Debbie Sims, Western's co-ordinator for distance studies, the last year has seen the number of students enrolled in distance studies programs increase by 25 per cent, per term.

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