Volume 96, Issue 59
Wednesday, January 15, 2003

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A brave soul ponders the library

To the Editor:

It's 12 p.m. as I arrive at Lucy's to sit down to meet with a few guys and discuss the case we have for Business 257. I grab a table, pull out my books and decide to do some work while I wait for them.

I'm pretty hungry, but I decide to wait until my friends show up. Twenty minutes go by and I'm wondering, where the hell are they? Just then, two people come up to me and say, "May we sit down?" I say, "Yeah, but a few of my friends might be coming, but go ahead." The next thing said is, "Shouldn't you be doing work in the library?"

That got me to thinking. The university libraries have a rule that prohibits students from bringing food or drink into the libraries. It makes sense – they don't want the smell and people are trying to study, so go to the Nucleus or Lucy's if you want to eat or drink.

I guess what I'm asking is, should there be a ban on doing work in an eating area? Think about it – we are in a cafeteria to eat. If you want to do work, go to the library. But then again, why don't libraries permit us to bring at least a drink in with us? Hell, caffeine is the only drink that makes sense of math for me, but I can't bring my thinking brew into a library due to fear of a fine. So what do we do? Tell people they're not allowed to study or do work in a cafeteria unless they're eating/drinking something? But then that doesn't make sense because we're in university – we have to study and we're going to sit at our spot longer if we're both eating and studying, thus still making students pissed off that there is no place to sit. What do you think should be done?

David Michaud
Mathematics III



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