Volume 96, Issue 60
Thursday, January 16, 2003

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In case you say "yes"

DISCLAIMER: The Gazette in no way endorses the use of illegal drugs. However, realistically, drug experimentation does frequently take place at the university level. The information appearing in this weeks Campus & Culture is intended to explain the potential harmful side-effects of drug use, as well as provide some perspective for those who choose to ignore these potential dangers.

How to roll a joint:

1) Purchase the weed. If you're a novice, it is probably best to begin with a "dime" (weed lingo for about 10 grams of pot – enough for one joint). Dimes should run about $10-$15, depending on how stingy your dealer is. It's difficult to ascertain the quality of the weed, but try to ensure that it is neither too damp nor too dry.

2) Break down all the buds (small little balls of the weed). Some "partakers" put the dime in a shot glass and use small scissors to break the weed down into a finer substance. If the weed is not broken down enough it will not burn well and it will be a waste of money.

3) Grab a Zig-Zag (rolling papers available at any convenience store) and place the weed just above the centre of the paper. Many people prefer using two papers. Try to align the weed so that it nearly stretches to the ends of the paper, but leave a little room.

4) Dampen the end of the rolling paper and firmly roll the joint so that it is approximately one centimetre thick. Twist the ends of the paper. You now have a joint – all you have to do is light it.

5) Light the joint.

6) Lightly inhale the doob as if it were a cigarette – take a couple pulls and pass it on to a friend. Continue to do this until the joint is too short to hold without burning.

How to smoke a bong:

Bongs are used most notably to smoke marijuana. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, but the general process is all the same.

1) Fill the base of the bong with water (up to the shotty hole).

2) Pack the cone of the bong with marijuana.

3) With your mouth over the opening of the bong, put your finger over the shotty hole.

4) Light the marijuana packed in the cone.

5) Inhale and repeat as necessary.

How to snort a line:

Also known as "railing," snorting is a common way of ingesting drugs, but also one of the more dangerous. The time period it takes to get high after snorting will depend on the drug ingested.

1) Cocaine comes in powder form, but for those who wish to snort ecstasy (and other pill form drugs) instead of popping the pill, crush the pill into fine power before you snort it.

2) Use something to gather the powder into thin lines. Typically credit or bank cards can be used. Beginners should snort a thinner line to begin with.

3) Use a rolled up bill as a pipe between the snorting surface and your nostril.

4) Snort.

Allen Chen/Gazette

How to shoot up safely:

It is very common for drugs to be injected into the user's bloodstream. This is the case with crystal meth, cocaine, ecstasy and the often-deadly heroin. We won't preach about how shooting up is a horrible idea; by now you should know it's stupid, stupid, stupid. However, if so inclined, do not share needles to protect yourself from disease, and follow these safety guidelines:

1) Clean your arm and hands with an alcohol swab (the only kind of alcohol you want to mix with your drugs).

2) In a comfortable position, insert the needle into a vein in the same direction as your blood (away from the heart).

3) Pull the plunger back – if you draw blood, you've done well.

4) Take off your tourniquet – if you don't, you risk bursting or bruising your vein.

5) Push the plunger in slowly.

6) Remove the needle.

7) Apply pressure to the puncture site with a clean cotton swab. If you have shot it in your arm, raise it above your head to stop the bleeding ASAP.


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