Volume 96, Issue 61
Friday January 17, 2003
Tough departure
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LAST UPDATED: Friday January 17, 2003 - 3:15 p.m.

What are you going to wear on Saturday night?

You gotta love those Buds

I first became a Maple Leafs fan back in 1993. I was a casual NHL fan at the time, throwing my allegiance, not behind teams, but specific players like Londoner Craig Simpson, whose parents sat behind my folks for years at Mustangs football games...

A Hab-it of winning with class
People who live in New York City say there is no city like it on earth. While New Yorkers will surely acknowledge there are other great cities in the world, they claim that if you have ever lived in New York, you just understand...

Faculty breast-feeding stations milk controversy

A document authored by Western's administration that details some of the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association's demands in the current contract negotiations has created a controversy.

The document, entitled "Bargaining Update," details some of UWOFA's non-salary proposals. The document includes "breast-feeding stations on every floor of every building" and "covered bicycle sheds adjacent to every entrance of every campus building," among the faculty's proposals.

Council avoids cuts to affordable housing

London City Council announced Wednesday it will not support a recommendation to cut $2 million from the budget for affordable housing in 2003.

"We're pleased that the members of council are starting to build a more cohesive response to the issue of homelessness in London," said London Homeless Coalition spokesperson Julie Glaser, adding more action still needs to be taken.

Dalton sniffing for student Liberal vote

Dalton McGuinty, leader of the Ontario Liberals and candidate for premier in the next provincial election, was pressured to include policies which improve post-secondary education in his party's platform, when he visited Western yesterday.

Language and literacy get funding
Sadly, drunken stupidity still not supported

Western's Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network received $571,830 in funding for 2003, in an announcement made by Joe Fontana, Liberal member of Parliament for London North Centre.

"The [CLLRN's] research activities focus on early language and literacy skills, because these provide the foundation for success in school and in life," Fontana said in a media release.

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Allen Chen/Gazette


Wild Carnations mature and blossom musically

Thom D'Arcy, lead singer of The Carnations, insists that the band has sown all of their wild oats.

Gone are the days when D'Arcy would perform an encore nude, or the band would bet all their money on a single spin of the roulette wheel – well, at least in the past six months, as far as D'Arcy can recall.


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From the top rope

Say no and she'll tell you where to go.

Western Mustangs wrestler Sarah Gil, one of the premier wrestlers in Canada, encountered a closed door and busted it down when she entered the ruthless sport.


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Illicit drugs: the highs and lows

This week’s C&C feature examines the controversial, and sometimes deadly, world of illegal drugs. Through research, expert opinion and interviews with former users, The Gazette has compiled a profile on the nature, side-effects and inherent physical and mental dangers of common illicit drugs in today’s society


A lot of people smoke, not so much to poison their bodies and die a horrendous death, but to give them an excuse to get outside and collect their thoughts. James Dowrick, a fourth-year urban development student, shared his thoughts with The Gazette on Thursday.
“What if there were only 26 numbers in the world, but like, an infinite amount of letters. Think about it: we’d have a ton of words to express ourselves and relate to each other with, and nothing in the world would cost more than $26. Think about it man."

Smokin’ Stats:
Brand: Hand-rolled Du Mauriers.
Goal as a future urban developer: Find a way to develop London into a cool city.
Favourite childhood toy: Easy-bake oven