Volume 96, Issue 61
Friday January 17, 2003
Tough departure

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Notable Results from the Don Wright Track and Field Meet

Men’s 60 m
1. Jeff Rae UWO 6.99
3. Deon Crawley UWO 7.14

Woman’s 300 m
1. Jodi Graydaus UWO 43.23

Women’s 600 m
1. Jenn Bain UWO 1:38.53

Men’s 1500 m
1. Charley Murphy UWO 3:58.57
2. Brandon Laan UWO 3:59.62

Women’s 1500 m
1. Shayna Boland UWO 4:49.64
2. Shannon Gerrie UWO 4:53.01

Women’s 60 m Hurdles
2. Ashley MacNeil UWO 8.79*

Men’s Long Jump
1. Thomas Parentam UWO 7.15

Women’s Pole Vault
1. Tanya Krynen UWO 3.45

Women’s Long Jump
1. Kelly Goheen UWO 5.39

Men’s 4 by 400 m Relay
1. Jeff Rae, Gavin McTavish, Bob Westman, Christian Heffernan 3:20.62*

Women’s High Jump
1. Lindsay Whitehead UWO 1.65*
* denotes CIS standard was met


LAST UPDATED: Friday, January 17, 2003 - 3:15 p.m.

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