Volume 96, Issue 62
Tuesday January 21, 2003

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LAST UPDATED: Tuesday January 21, 2003 - 12:30 p.m.

Faculty give union power to strike

Western's faculty has voted to give its union the power to strike if negotiations with the university administration reach an impasse.

Seventy per cent of faculty members who went to the polls last Thursday and Friday, favoured giving the union the mandate to strike. "We're very pleased with the result," said University of Western Ontario Faculty Association President Paul Handford.

London joins international protest against war on Iraq

Community and religious leaders gathered at a rally on Saturday in downtown London to protest Canada's position on future military action in Iraq.

Approximately 500 people, many waving signs with anti-military slogans, attended the rally, which was held in front of the John Labatt Centre.

Science falls on deaf Western ears

Bunsen Burners can create intense heat, but unfortunately they can't lay the heat on Western administration.

The Let's Talk Science Partnership Program, a campus organization since 1991, will be unable to continue operating for this semester, and the next academic year, due to the program's inability to secure funding from the university's central office or the individual departments of the faculty of science.

Liberal tuition scheme critiqued

The upcoming release of the Ontario Liberal Party education platform will enable parents to pre-pay their children's tuition at current rates – a move that will benefit wealthier families with disposable income, critics say.

Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty first announced the plan back in March 2002 at the annual Heritage dinner, but the issue attracted renewed attention when McGuinty spoke at Western last Thursday.

THE USUAL SUSPECTS: Tracking peepers across the snow

Though Disorientation Week is but a foggy memory, it seems the spirit of drunkenness and disorientation lives on in the Western community.

2002/03 USC Report Card

Much like the denizens of Springfield, the University Students' Council Board of Directors consists of a wide variety of characters. Heading into their final months in office, it's time for the current class of cartoon politicos to step up and receive their grades.

After speaking with numerous councillors and commissioners, The Gazette has compiled the comments and off-the-cuff quips of the people who know the Board of Directors best.


LHSC finishes at head of the class

It is report card time for Ontario's acute care hospitals, and according to a comprehensive study conducted by the Ontario Hospital Association, the London Health Sciences Centre has received an A+.

Banging may be good for the brain
Porn stars may be geniuses

For those of us who do not experience great sex on a regular basis, a new Canadian study goes a long way to support the notion that good feelings come from sexual healing.

Published in early January, the study was released in the journal Science, and documents the quest of prolactin, a natural hormone that is produced in mice after orgasm and childbirth.

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