Volume 94, Issue 63
Wednesday, January 22, 2003

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Pedestrian struck at Western intersection

By Chris Webden
Gazette Staff

A terrible accident occurred just outside campus Monday evening, leaving one victim in critical condition.

According to Const. Paul Martin, spokesperson for the London Police Department, the accident occurred at approximately 7:20 p.m. just north of the Brescia University College gates, near the intersection of Lambton and Western Roads.

"A [28-year-old male] was crossing the road 35 feet north of the intersection when he was struck by a vehicle turning northbound onto Western Road," Martin explained, adding neither vehicle speed nor alcohol played a factor in the accident.

"Unfortunately, this accident seems to be the result of some [potential] inattentiveness [on behalf] of both the pedestrian and the motorist," said Inspector Bob Earle of the University Police Department.

Following the accident, a small section of Western Rd. was closed to traffic in order to allow the accident reconstruction team to perform an investigation, Martin explained.

"At the time, the injuries of the victim appeared to be life threatening, so the team was called," Martin explained, adding the victim's condition has improved remarkably.

Martin said the victim is currently listed as being in good condition and is due to leave the hospital sometime early today.

According to Martin, the accident reconstruction team is called in to take account of all of the physical evidence on the scene and to take measurements in case the accident were to go to court. "Generally, [evidence] like this is required if there is a fatality," Martin said.

According to Earle, the intersection of Lambton and Western Roads does not have a history of accidents involving motorists and pedestrians.

He said traffic signals and pedestrian channellers, such as fences, help control the movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. "Motorists are generally more conscious that they will encounter pedestrians there," Earle added.

"I for sure jaywalk," said Bill Curts, a second-year film and political science student, adding he was once issued a ticket for jaywalking in New York City.

"I try and think twice; you just have to be careful and use your head," Curts explained, noting on-campus pedestrians need to be extra careful during busy hours.


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