Volume 96, Issue 64
Thursday, January 23, 2003

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News Briefs

Brainiac wins award for brain

Western PhD student Debbie Coring recently won the Brainstar award.

The award is presented by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, in the mental health division, Coring said.

"Being a grad student and the first author on an article, which is written in a high-impact journal, are the requirements for the award," Coring said, adding, after someone fulfills the requirements, he or she submits an application and a selection committee chooses a winner.

The Brainstar award comes with $1,000 and mention on CIHR's Web site.

"[The award] is relatively new," Coring said, adding it was created in April 2001.

"It's given out every two weeks for a year," Coring said. She is the first winner for 2003, receiving the award in early January.

Prestigious professors across the country have won the award in the past, Corring noted, including several from Western.

–Rachel Sandieson

That '20s Ball

Tickets are now on sale for Western's much anticipated annual Charity Ball on Feb. 1.

Doors are expected to open at 9 p.m. at the London Convention Centre and the event is also wet/dry, so everyone is welcome, said Jen Brent, University Students' Council Charity Ball Commissioner.

The theme for this year's ball is going to be the roaring '20s, explained Brent, who pointed out that the catch phrase is "Puttin' on the Ritz!"

"We're selling 2,500 tickets and they're going fast," Brent said, who added tickets are being sold at $35 a piece with a free fancy glass.

There is also a draw based on the TV show Makeover Story, in which one lucky winner and his or her friend will get a free makeover, free lunch and free limousine ride to the ball, Brent stated.

A silent auction is also going to be held Jan. 29-31 in the atrium, with proceeds going to local charities, along with several giveaways, Brent added.

Proceeds from Charity Ball will go to the AIDS Committee of London and the Sexual Assault Centre, Brent said.

–Marshall Bellamy

God not dead: God

Does God Exist? This age-old question shall be the platform of what should prove to be a very interesting event, in a moderated debate presented by Western's Campus Crusade for Christ.

Two well-respected professors shall be representing each side; Michael Tooley, professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado, will be facing off against Michael Horner, professor of philosophy at Trinity Western University. Tooley will be representing the atheist side of the debate, while Horner will be the voice of the theist counter, noted debate co-ordinator Francis Bauman.

Following the debate will be a question and answer session.

"Often the question of whether or not God exists is overlooked or presented with a bias," Bauman explained.

"Because of this, Campus Crusade for Christ has chosen to host a formal debate where both atheism and theism can be represented by credible sources in a formal, academic atmosphere. It is our goal that those attending will become better informed about the arguments for and against the existence of God," Bauman added.

The event starts tonight at 7 p.m. in the Natural Science Building, Rm. 145. Admission is $2.

–Samantha Wright

The little engineers that could

How exactly does one build a bridge?

On Friday, Jan. 24, 1-5 p.m., professors and researchers will be on hand to answer questions and provide information about graduate school. The second Annual Research Day will be held in the Great Hall in Somerville House.

"Professors and graduate students will present posters that describe research projects in their expertise," said Cedric Briens, associate dean of research and graduate studies.

Research Day was created to help inform students on types of research being carried out in engineering and to aid them in grad school selection, Briens said, adding he would encourage people from other faculties to attend, including students and professors.

"There are going to be people from the industry and opportunities for them to see what's going on at Western," Briens said.

Research day is co-sponsored by Materials and Manufacturing Ontario.

–Liam Kaufman


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