Volume 96, Issue 64
Thursday, January 23, 2003

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Weekend throwdown at Thompson
Western and Lakehead crank it up

By BJ Noufaily
Gazette Staff

Allen Chen/Gazette
WHAT DOES THUNDER HAVE TO DO WITH WOLVES? Big Tom Brown looks to direct Western over Lakehead this weekend.
There hasn't been a match-up like this since Rocky vs. Mr. T.

This weekend, the Mustangs men's hockey team hosts the powerful Thunderwolves from Lakehead University on Friday and Saturday night at Thompson Arena. Both games start at 7:30 p.m..

This rivalry is developing into the fiercest in Ontario University Athletics hockey. Want proof?

In the OUA playoffs last year, Lakehead won the first game 4-3, only to lose the second game 4-3 in double overtime, and drop the deciding third game 5-1. Many pundits considered that series to be the best in the league last year.

Lakehead has only had a hockey team for two years, yet Wolves coach Pete Belliveau already considers Western an arch-rival.

"These two games are going to be playoff-type games, with lots of good, clean, tough hockey," Belliveau said in a media release.

Western coach Clarke Singer said fans can expect great hockey when these two foes match up.

"[The games this weekend] will be the best games played at Thompson in the past 10 years," Singer said.

Need more proof? Western's regular season OUA unbeaten streak is technically at 40 games, with a perfect 16-0 record this year. Two of Lakehead's three losses came against Western in the first two games of their season. However, Lakehead actually won those games on the ice, but had to forfeit the wins because they used an academically ineligible player.

Western and Lakehead are ranked third and fourth respectively in the nation.

These games will be a fight to the end, like a couple of rabid wolves fighting over a T-bone steak. "The fans in London are going to be treated to top calibre hockey," Belliveau said.

In fact, the match-up between Western and Lakehead this weekend is analogous of different memorable movie clashes of our generation. Here's a sampling:

Pretty Woman: Richard Gere (Western) invites a prostitute (Lakehead) into his world (Thompson Arena), where they argue and fight over who ends up on top (of the OUA).

Rocky III: Rocky (Western, the defending National Champs) fights badass up-and-comer Mr. T (Lakehead). And, just like the film they'll be duelling twice.

And in true Rocky fashion, there most likely will be another sequel when the OUA playoffs roll around. But, unlike a Rocky sequel, it probably won't suck.


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