Volume 96, Issue 65
Friday January 24, 2003
Gettin' digits

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LAST UPDATED: Friday January 24, 2003 - 3:00 p.m.

The human instinct for heroism: one man's story

Chris Ryder wasn't supposed to be working at his friend's house that clear September day. He should have been out on the lake in his new boat, but that's how stories like this go.

Upper-year classes: the next double cohort threat

Talk of the double cohort's arrival next year has overshadowed any discussion of what will occur when the influx of students begin filtering through to the upper-year university classes.

University administrator's and student groups have raised concerns over the burden the double cohort will place on Ontario's post-secondary system once next year's flock of first-year students begin entering their second and third years of study.

Robot better than Doogie Howser?

A new three-armed robot at the London Health Sciences Centre – the first of its kind in Canada – is helping surgeons to improve their performance in the operating room.


Miss Universe could be a Mustang

Finally, Western has the proof to back up all of its bragging.

Christie Bartram, a first-year social science student at Western and Ivey hopeful, is competing in the Miss Universe Canada finals taking place in Toronto this weekend.

Waterloo in need of a Beer Baron

With on-campus bars now closed, students are being forced to find other sources of alcohol at the University of Waterloo.

Last Monday, the administration at the University of Waterloo closed the two on-campus bars – Federation Hall and the Bombshelter Pub – both of which are owned by the Federation of Students.


Smoking: is it child abuse?

Parents who smoke in the home, and expose their children to second-hand smoke, are guilty of something tantamount to child abuse, according to a statement released this week by the Canadian Lung Association in correspondence with national Non-Smoking Week.

NEWS FOR DUMMIES: Bush finds Iraq on map: war looms

News for Dummies is here again to come to the aid of the ignorant, willingly uninformed or utterly stupid.

Concordia pot stirs

The endless saga of controversy and tension surrounding Middle East issues continued at Concordia University this week.

A member of the campus group Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights suggested that the violent protests that took place during a visit by former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu last September would be repeated, if the Jewish group Hillel were to invite Israeli cabinet minister Natan Sharansky to speak.