Volume 96, Issue 66
Tuesday, January 28, 2003

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Inside Super Bowl XXXII with Shania
Country queen gets wooed by Sting

Ryan Dixon
Managing Editor

Being in the media has its perks. As a student newspaper, we applied to be put on the guest list for Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego. Our request was met with an official response from Super Bowl security in the form of a poorly sketched middle finger.

However, being the resourceful bunch we are at The Gazette, we found a way to get one of our writers on the inside.

Disguised as part of Warren Sapp's mouth and operating under the almost unbearable mission statement "No Twain, no gain," our writer was able to elude the Super Bowl staff and sit down with the Canadian queen of country, Shania Twain.

So, how did it feel knowing the eyes of America and the world were on you during the show?


Ms Twain?


Ms Twain, is my leering making you uncomfortable?

Oh, gosh, I'm sorry – oh my, I forgot that this was one of those times I do have to use my own voice. Oh, I'm so embarrassed. What was the question?

I was just wondering if you were nervous during the show?

Oh, no. Believe me, if you can survive the antler tossing that goes on in Northern Ontario bars, like the ones I grew up performing in, then you can handle anything.

What did you think of the performances of No Doubt and Sting?

They were awesome, just awesome. And more than the music, I thought it was great to have so many backgrounds represented on stage. I mean, I'm Canadian, No Doubt is Californian and Sting – well, let's just say that Australian accent did it for me. Whew, I felt like a woman!

Did you get a chance to watch any of the game?

A little bit, yes. I mean, I was really busy backstage getting zipped up, but I did catch a good portion of the second period. I dunno, they sure do cheat a lot in American football. Didn't anybody notice that they kept getting four chances to move the ball instead of three? Oh well, what else can you expect when both teams are made up of pirates?

In November you had the opportunity to perform at the Canadian Football League Championship game, the Grey Cup. Can you compare the experience of performing at the Super Bowl to performing at the Grey Cup?

Well, Edmonton [site of this year's Grey Cup] is great because it has a mall with, like, a totally big roller coaster. But, San Diego has a big zoo with really cute, furry animals. Also, it was nice that the NFL could afford to pay me in something other than Tim Hortons coupons, like the CFL did.

* The Gazette's interview was cut short at this point, as a large mob of Faith Hill supporters closed in on Ms Twain waving fists, carrying signs that said "Keep the Faith" and shouting various threats in a southern accent.


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