Volume 96, Issue 67
Wednesday, January 29, 2003

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Avril's plumber cleavage

With so many hot topics of debate swirling around our campus, city and world, The Gazette felt we had to touch on a number of topics to properly keep the students of Western abreast. As usual, the news is a mixed bag of treats.


In case you didn't have enough reasons to support Western's varsity teams, Jimmy Grozelle, a Mustangs point guard, was on fire la Michael Jordan, scoring 50 points during Western's overtime win verses the University of Waterloo last Saturday. Grozelle is in his last year of varsity athletics eligibility, so be sure to catch this phenom before it costs you an arm and a leg to see him live.

News that Whitesnake, one of the '80s infamous "hair bands" is coming to the John Labatt Centre, has set Western's campus abuzz with rumours and anticipation. However, rumours that the lyrics "Here I go again on my own" will be changed to "Make that mullet flow with this comb" are false.

Statements made by both France and Germany urging the United States to wait until the United Nations can further inspect Iraq for weapons before they bomb the hell out of them, come as good news. It is good to see that itchy trigger-fingers are not as rampant as anthrax.


Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister John Manley told the citizens of Ottawa that he will be "damned" if he is going to allot more money to post-secondary education in the upcoming federal budget.

Concerns were raised following an outcry from students attending underfunded post-secondary institutions, who said they too will be "damned" once they are forced to resort to prostitution and crack-dealing in order to afford skyrocketing tuition fees.

Health conscious students should be aware that reusing water bottles could pose a serious health risk, according to a study released by the University of Calgary. There is no official word yet if Dasani, Evian or Aberfoyle funded the study.

The All Campus Job Fair hit the UCC atrium on Tuesday, giving students a glimpse into what the future might hold for them. Some students did express concern over the presence of the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre. The slogan "Trade in critical thought for the comfort of a gun," worried some observers


Avril Lavigne's upcoming concert at the John Labatt Centre sold out in less than 20 minutes last Saturday morning. Though the 17 year-old's punk-rock style and brooding teenage angst are attractive to some, her tendency to bare ass crack, like she did at the MuchMusic Video Awards, is significantly less appealing. Let's hope Miss Lavigne remembers to wear a belt when she comes to London.





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