Volume 96, Issue 67
Wednesday January 29, 2003

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LAST UPDATED: Wednesday January 29, 2003 - 3:00 p.m.

Bio beds business
New Ivey Program launched

Western's Richard Ivey School of Business launched its new biotechnology program yesterday – a new stream of study for the upcoming academic year.

At a reception that included corporate sponsors, Ivey faculty and many of the 25 students accepted into the program, Ivey announced the academic merging of biotechnology and business.

Provincial accountability questioned by Manley

Federal Finance Minister John Manley raised concerns last week that money given to the provinces for post-secondary education is not being spent where it should be.

Manley – speaking at a public meeting at the University of Ottawa – said he was concerned about access to post-secondary education.

When railway hobo is not an option
Western plays host to job fair

Business vultures were hunting for prey yesterday at Western's annual All-Campus Job Fair, swooping in to lure the university's best and brightest to join their cause – as opposed to eating them, as normal vultures do.

According to Gail Hutchison, director of the Student Development Centre, approximately 90 companies staked out a booth in the University Community Centre atrium and gymnasium for the annual fair.

Nothing says good times like a chartered accountant

Aspiring accountants take note – the Richard Ivey School of Business is offering the first joint Certified Management Accountants and masters of business administration program in Ontario.

Ivey received accreditation from Merv Hillier, chair of CMA Canada's Ontario chapter, during a ceremony held at Ivey on Jan. 24, explained David Hipgrave, president and chief executive officer of the Certified Management Accountants of Ontario.

USC adopts labour dispute policy
Dust bunnies collect in living rooms everywhere

Amidst the ongoing contract negotiations at Western between administration and faculty, the University Students' Council is attempting to ensure students remain well informed of the proceedings.

According to section III, article five of the University Students' Council's recently adopted Statement Policies, "The USC requests full disclosure, input and consultation in any campus labour disputes that have a direct effect on the student population."


What dangers lurk in your water bottle?
Study discovers bacteria

Think you're doing the environment a favour by reusing your water bottle? A university study suggests that filling up your old plastic friend without proper sanitation could actually be hazardous to your health.

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