Volume 96, Issue 67
Wednesday, January 29, 2003

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50 degrees of point guard J-Gro

By Mike Burton
Gazette Writer

Dave Picard/Gazette

It takes teamwork to win basketball games. Having Jimmy Grozelle on your side doesn't hurt either.

Grozelle (pictured) led all scorers on Saturday afternoon with an incredible 50 points to help the Western Mustangs men's basketball team defeat their rivals from the University of Waterloo by a score of 95-92 in an overtime thriller at Alumni Hall.

Western led by eight points going into the half, but Waterloo responded early in the second by going on a 13-2 run. The game went back and forth in the second half, and with the score 82-82 at the end of regulation, the only thing that was decided was that the game was going into overtime. Western was able to shoot 60 per cent in overtime to edge their opponents by three points at the end of the game.

Western's victory was very impressive, but the focus of the game was clearly on one man – Jimmy Grozelle. Grozelle scored 25 points in the first half of the game and was able to match this total in the second half. Grozelle's shooting seemed almost perfect, as he hit an incredible 17 of 20 shots. But aside from his 50 points, the 5'8" guard also managed seven steals and caused several turnovers.

Furthermore, the diminutive point guard registered the highest point total in the CIS since 1994, the highest for a Mustangs basketball player ever. And, if that isn't enough, Grozelle is now listed as scoring the seventh most points in a single game in the history of the CIS.

After the game, Mustangs head coach Craig Boydell commented on Grozelle's performance. "It was incredible," he said. "If he isn't the best player in Canada, I don't know who is."

Boydell was clearly relieved after the game and said he was very happy with his team's play. "We had to have that pace," he said. "And we had to do it without mistakes."

Waterloo coach Tom Kieswetter was equally impressed with the play of Grozelle. "It was unbelievable," he said.

Kieswetter tried many adjustments to try to keep Grozelle off the scoreboard, but in the end, Grozelle's 50 points told the story.

An exhausted Grozelle at the end of the game attributed some of his success to the crowd. "The fans made it special," he said. "The cheerleaders, fans and kids club made for a great atmosphere."

Even though the game was close from the start to the finish, Grozelle didn't let the pressure get to him. "There's no pressure on myself; I just keep doing what the team wants."


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