Volume 96, Issue 67
Wednesday, January 29, 2003

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Mustangs win marathon

By Diana Pace
Gazette Writer

Beth Kerim/Gazette
EYES ON THE WORLD. Mustangs point guard Alana Juzenas surveys the court in Western's marathon victory over the Waterloo Warriors on Saturday.

The Mustangs women's basketball team came back after their loss to Queen's University to defeat the Waterloo Warriors in an extremely long and intense game Saturday afternoon at Alumni Hall.

The 71-66 win gives the Mustangs a 9-6 season record, placing them in third place in the Ontario University Athletics West Division standings.

The Mustangs took control from the beginning, leading the game the entire first half. Western shot 48 per cent from the field and 40 per cent from beyond the arc.

The Mustangs appeared to be holding a steady lead until the end of the half, when the Warriors began to close in on them. Kate Tucker lead the way for the Warriors with seven points. The Mustangs managed to hold their own and ended the half with a 45-33 lead over the Warriors.

The Mustangs continued to dominate for most of the second half, but not without a fight from the Warriors who, as Western head coach Bob Delaney pointed out, "played extremely well for being on the road and found their legs in the second half."

This sudden burst of energy allowed the Warriors to fight back and tie the game at 63, with only three minutes remaining in the game. These three minutes would carry on for what seemed an eternity, with fouls being called continuously on both sides of the court. In the end, 55 fouls were called.

"The officials were too involved in this game," Delaney said.

The Mustangs led for most of the game and they never let up. Western guard Julie Lamparski knows that persistence doesn't end until the buzzer sounds. "You can never sit comfortably with any kind of lead in a game," she said.

Lamparski proved she does more than talk about tenacity when, in the dying seconds of the game, she knocked the ball out of bounds on a Warrior in-bound and on the Warriors' second in-bound attempt, she committed one of her two steals.

The Mustangs shot 43 per cent from the field. Second-year students Cheryl Atkinson and Rebecca McColl lead all Western scorers with 17 and 15 points respectively.

The Mustangs hope to increase their record with a win over the Windsor Lancers on Wednesday night on home court.


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