Volume 96, Issue 68
Thursday, January 30, 2003

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The State of the Union and my state of fear

Raspberry Beret
Kelly Marcella
News Editor

In another State of the Union Address, George W. Bush has done nothing to dispel my growing fear of the United States. To be honest, he has fuelled the many, and perhaps no longer irrational notions about the U.S. that terrify me on a consistent basis.

While Bush addressed domestic issues ranging from health care and drug addiction, to jobs and rejuvenating the economy, the most poignant parts of his speech referred to the military, terrorism and his resolve to stamp out "evil" at any cost.

According to Bush, "If Saddam Hussein does not fully disarm... we will lead a coalition to disarm him." Two words come to mind – "scary" and "warmonger."

As of yet, United Nations weapons inspectors have not found any hard evidence of nuclear weapons and rearmament within Iraqi borders. Yes, the Iraqi government has not been particularly helpful. And yes, there were some questionable materials discovered.

But, where is all this "intelligence" that Bush so adamantly stands by, claiming rearmament and weapons of mass destruction? If the Bush administration really has some solid evidence concerning the state of growing military affairs in Iraq, why don't they substantiate their claims?

I would really like to see this "evidence." My hope is that the American people will have this same simple request before sending their sons and daughters across the planet in defense of "liberty." I guess they're a little more trusting than I am in their obviously fearless leader.

Hussein is by no means a great guy, and neither are any terrorist forces that endanger the lives of innocent people. But the Bush administration has been in full military gear since 9/11. First it was al Qaeda, now Iraq, and the gears are already in motion for action against North Korea.

Bush said the U.S. seeks peace, and wants to ensure peace exists around the world. Sounds a little hypocritical from the nation with by far the largest military budget and the most powerful armed forces on the globe (especially since the Americans have been involved in military operations and conflict almost continuously since the moment they stepped foot on this continent).

Adding fuel to this fire is America's willingness to use force if they feel their interests are threatened in the slightest.

It makes me wonder where all this is leading to? If the current trend continues, the number of nations associated with the "axis of evil" will be frightening. Where will it end?

And thus, the basis of my ever brooding fear of this incredibly powerful nation and its leader. If Bush wasn't president, I think I would sleep much better at night.


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