Volume 96, Issue 68
Thursday January 30, 2003

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Name: Ila “Leader of the Deep Fried Revolution” Seegobin

Work experience: Former sous chef at the infamous NYLA owned by Britney Spears. Was canned after an E. Coli debacle that involved being caught on camera spitting in a client’s soup.

Works published: Gluttony is Good, The Joy of Deep-Frying and Overeaters of the World Unite

Favourite dish: Shrimp wantons. It combines two great ingredients: oil and seafood.

First impression upon walking into the kitchen? “I felt confident in the knowledge that my dish would be compared to Lackner’s, a man whose expertise fails to go beyond Jell-O.”

Inspiration for dish of choice (stir-fry)? “I chose to do something rice-based, since it would only take one minute for the rice to cook. Their rice was kind of fancy — mine takes FIVE minutes to cook!”

Name: Kristina “Shake ‘n’ Bake” Lundblad

Work experience: Sandbox mudpies

Works published: I Make the Chocolate — You Lick It Off Me and Poultry, Pomegranates and Passion

Favourite dish:
A slice of love

First impression upon walking into the kitchen? “These guys are pretty neat for guys, there must be girls living here somewhere.”

Inspiration for dish of choice (quesadillas)?
“I like cheese, and I like Mexico.”

Name: Chris “Don’t call me Cosby” Lackner

Work experience: One day, last August, he successfully made wieners and beans.

Works published: How to Cook While Wearing no Shirt and Covered in Margarine, Jell-O — Man’s Other Best Friend and Mesh-caps in the Kitchen

Favourite dish: Swanson TV dinners

First impression upon walking into the kitchen? “It’s time to work my mesh-back magic... wait a minute — am I wearing pants? Nice. I am. Today’s going way better than yesterday did.”

Inspiration for dish of choice (Jell-O)?
“My complete lack of culinary knowledge.”

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Three "world-class" chefs get down and dirty

All photos by Andrea Chiu/Gazette
ARE ANY OF THESE PEOPLE WEARING PANTS? From left: Ila Seegobin, Kristina Lundblad and Chris Lackner cook under the clock.

By Andrea Chiu
Gazette Staff

Starvation is a horrible way to die.

Although Western is stereotyped as the country club university, we all know that this country club doesn't come with free food. When times get rough and Sunday morning rolls around, the average Western student usually comes to realize they've spent all their money on last night's fun and there is nothing left to cover the cost of groceries.

If you're a responsible student – good for you. But, for the rest of us, we eventually have to be creative with our edible masterpieces. So, what do you do?

Enter: A "talented" trio of chefs: Chef Kristina Lundblad (Gazette deputy-editor) is the fiesty Swede, Chef Ila Seegobin (staff) is small, but mighty, and master connoisseur of all things gelatin is Chef Chris Lackner (editor-in-chief).

The three world-class chefs went on an adventure this past weekend. Their mission? To show students that they can make a meal with the sparse contents of their refrigerator. Rapping on the doors of student housing, the three chefs came across the home of fourth-year students Eric Robinson and Trevor Campbell, who were kind enough to let these strangers into their kitchen.

Given only 20 minutes to prepare a meal, and armed with only a bottle of white wine, Lackner, Lundblad and Seegobin quickly went about their duties to prove to the student population that magic can truly happen in a student kitchen. Here is what happened...

Starving students saved
Experts offer healthy tips

As the year wears on, it becomes harder and harder to watch the steady flow of money coming out of your bank account. When you are trying to balance the payments on your electricity bills and still find something edible to eat, some of these simple tips may help you stretch that last dollar.