Volume 96, Issue 68
Thursday January 30, 2003

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LAST UPDATED: Thursday January 30, 2002 - 2:00 p.m.

Canada needs to grow up and leave Never Land

Against the backdrop of a potential war with Iraq, one of Canada's pre-eminent historians, J.L. Granatstein, had a controversial message for Canadians: Canada is a fading power and must grow up and confront its responsibilities on the international stage.

U.S. pushing Iraqi war?

The State of the Union Address delivered by United States President George W. Bush Tuesday night was met with a variety of reactions from experts in the Western community, although most say they expect a war in Iraq and agree that Canada needs to make its position more clear.

Diabetics prone to ailments

People with diabetes are more likely to acquire infectious diseases, according to a recent study.

Published last Friday in the journal Diabetes Care, the study found that people with diabetes are 15 to 20 per cent more likely than non-diabetics to acquire an infectious disease.

Islam Day spreads awareness
Muslim culture celebrated on campus

Islam Awareness Day brought tables, posters and displays, showcasing Islamic culture to a crowded University Community Centre atrium yesterday.

"Islam is an important part of Canadian culture," said Sarrah Lawendy, senior advisor to the Muslim Students' Association, who pointed out there are approximately 1.2 billion Muslims living in the world today.

Raspberry Beret: The State of the Union and my state of fear

In another State of the Union Address, George W. Bush has done nothing to dispel my growing fear of the United States. To be honest, he has fuelled the many, and perhaps no longer irrational notions about the U.S. that terrify me on a consistent basis.


At least Iraq is warmer than Brandon
Manitoban Baghdad bound

WINNIPEG (CP) – Armed only with her faith, Lisa Martens is preparing herself for war.

As the United States draws closer to attacking Iraq, the young Manitoba woman is deliberately placing herself in the path of the conflict.


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