Volume 96, Issue 69
Friday, January 31, 2003

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Purple Pipe: men's hockey and J-Gro 
Niru Somayajula/Gazette
THAT BALL IS NOTHIN' COMPARED TO THE PURPLE PIPE. Jimmy Grozelle holds the real trophy, the Purple Pipe, along with the 50 point ball that was presented to him at Wednesday night's game.

This past weekend was a huge one for Western athletics, so choosing the Purple Pipe winner was not an easy task.

On Friday night at Thompson Arena, the billing for the Lakehead/Western hockey game was unparalleled, and big performances ran rampant. Western left winger Ryan Held stole the show with a four-goal performance in a 9-2 win over the Thunderwolves. OK, so he gets the coveted Purple Pipe, right? Not after Saturday.

Jimmy Grozelle threw a monkey wrench into the Pipe proceedings by dropping 50 points on the University of Waterloo on Saturday afternoon in a 95-92 overtime win for the Mustangs. That high-point total just happened to be the best single game scoring performance in Western basketball history and seventh in Canadian history. Try these stats on for size – 17 for 20 from the floor, five for six from beyond the arc and 11 for 12 from the free throw line. So Grozelle gets the Pipe (which he received two weeks ago as well). But wait, the hockey team still had to play their second game that night against Lakehead.

Dave Picard/Gazette

Western right winger and former Purple Pipe winner, Tim Zafiris, decided he was going to pop home a hat trick against Lakehead in a 5-4 win. Not only did Zafiris turn the trick, but his final goal was also the game winner and he had his nose right in the mix of all the rough stuff on Friday night.

Oh boy, we've got a mess now.

Now throw into the mix that Western goalie Mike D'Alessandro played great in both games against Lakehead and Darren Mortier had two power play goals on Saturday night, while Joe Talbot netted two the night before.

A big dilemma faced the already strenuous process of deciding the weekly Purple Pipe winner. Well, we can't not give it to Grozelle, but Held and Zafiris had such great games against a great team, as their squad put to rest any rumours that they were not up for the challenge of repeating as National Champions. Arguments ensued, outside opinions were consulted, facts were double checked and still no clear-cut winner. Well, hell, our Pipe had enough love to go around, so we gave this week's Purple Pipe to Jimmy Grozelle and the whole damn hockey team.

– Ryan Hickman


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