Volume 96, Issue 56
Thursday, January 9, 2003

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Everybody's got a story that could break your heart

"My landlord's great. She doesn't make me rent for a year, she let me rent for just the school year. She brings us Christmas gifts and if we need a new table, she'll provide it."

–Leo Lui,
Economics II

"I was in my room and suddenly I hear Ila, my roommate yell for me. So I run downstairs and I thought someone had died – judging by the way she screeched, it was horrible. So I walked over to close the blinds and there was this fat naked man – we call him Fat Naked Man. Two weeks later, we were sitting in the family room and we look over and Fat Naked Man is watching us and he's naked, holding himself in the window. We called the cops and the cops took care of it. It turns out he's like this 40-year old man who's married. You know how Friends has Ugly Naked Guy? We had Fat Naked Man next door."

–Meghan Houlihan,

"Expect the worse with roommates. Even if you know them well, you don't know their living habits, like if they'll buy food or eat your own. The other day, my roommate opened my beer that my parents bought me, and left it out. I was so pissed. I had a steak dinner and I could have had two beers instead of one."

–Mark Stratton,
Chemical Engineering, III

"Every time we met our landlord, he was high. We always got mail for him. His first name would be the same, but his last name was always different. We get his old bills from utilities and people come looking for him. We found chemicals in the basement and mixing stuff. I think he's up to no good."

–Chris Lunn,
Engineering/Political Science IV

"My old landlord would show up at anytime without telling us to show our place to other people. One time we didn't answer the door, so he just walked in and caught my roommate in her towel. Plus, he wouldn't fix anything. He was so mean. And we had a verbal agreement that we could pay him cash, but he went back on that and wouldn't let us pay him cash. Another time, he came over to blow the leaves at six in the morning! Plus we didn't have control over the heat. Luckily, we moved."

–Janet Carey,
Kinesiology IV


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