Volume 97, Issue 3
Thursday, June 5, 2003

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The Gazette: Making USC fees work for you

Non Sequitor
Anton Vidgen
News Editor

For obvious, reader-driven reasons, campus news media are attracted to controversy, if only to attempt to resolve the pressing problems before they grow in effect and scope. So with that media philosophy in tow, I ventured out on my controversy-finding mission, rummaging for trash through the hidden recesses of the University Community Centre.

Appropriately stumbling upon the offices of the University Students' Council (always a dependable source of drudge), it was with delight I observed several student politicos clucking about, busying themselves with paperwork only a nerd could love. But as we all know (or profess to know), their role is an altruistic one, always placing the Western student body first. But enough cheer-leading. What have your hard-earned student fees been up to lately?

Orientation Week 2003-2004

Orientation Officer Giovanni Paola has been cooking up an alcohol-free Frosh Week schedule bound to excite even the most immovable frosh – yes, even those from Hamilton – affectionately known as the "stupid city" here in the office. The O-Week tradition of a mystery concert is no longer, with I Mother Earth headlining the event at Thompson Arena. With groundbreaking on the new Concrete Beach slated to begin next week, the proactive O-Staff has moved all events previously scheduled for the unsightly crackpot to University College Hill, just in case construction gets behind schedule. Right, like that's never happened before.

CASA Conference

Your student fees served up delicious airline food to select members of the jet-setting USC Board at the inaugural conference of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. Rumour has it Western's own USC VP-education Dave Ford hit it big with two top election posts. Read more in next week's issue.

UCC to become Starfleet Academy?

Scattered technicians have been milling around the UCC lately, preparing the building for some high-tech upgrades, purpose of which is yet to be confirmed. Laptops anyone?

Our representative busy-bodies seem to be working rather diligently, an altogether welcome approach. It remains to be seen whether this pace can be maintained, given it is still very early in the term. I will be watching and come September, so will over 30,000 others.


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