Volume 97, Issue 3
Thursday, June 5, 2003

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News Briefs

Western professor leads new clinic

Has diabetes got you down? Then a new Western clinic may be the answer.

The clinic for immunology and immunotherapeutics recently opened in London. Made up of a collection of 25 scientists, the new centre is headed by Western microbiology and immunology professor Joaquin Madrenas.

"This centre puts London as the preeminent place for clinical immunology in Canada," Madrenas said. The centre, will be the only one of its kind in Canada, he said.

A few of its main objectives, he explained, are to discover why immune-mediated disorders (i.e.. rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, organ rejection) occur and how to prevent them, Madrenas said.

Booze needed to lure doctors

Medicine exists in rural southwestern Ontario. Who knew?

This week, medical students from Western fanned out over southwestern Ontario to experience the annual Rural and Regional Medicine Discovery Week.

"[The program is designed to provide] a full-spectrum medical education," said Raphael Cheung, assistant dean of the Southwestern Ontario Medical Education Network.

One of the main goals of the program is to attract medical students to work in rural areas, he said. "[This area is] tremendously understaffed," he said.

According to Cheung, some of the extracurricular activities taking place include winery tours, scotch tastings and a cruise along the river.

The Rural and Regional Medicine Discovery Week takes place Jun. 2 through 6.

–Andrew George

Who wants to learn about diseases?

Have SARS and West Nile been on your mind? The come learn about diseases.

From Jun. 10 to 13 the Ecosystem Health Program at the International Society of Ecosystem Health will offer a unique course entitled "Ecosystem Health: New Thinking for New Challenges."

The course will explore themes such as emerging diseases, urban environments and globalization as well as include a case study on the West Nile Virus.

Participants will learn about topics which apply to a wide range of fields including economic, political and health oriented issues, said Jennifer Hounsell, administrative co-ordinator of the Ecosystem Health Program.

"Anyone who is interested in health and the ecosystem is welcome to attend," Hounsell said.

The course fees are $400 for the general public and $150 for students. For more information visit www.med.uwo.ca/ecosystemhealth/activities/shortcourse/2003.

–Adam Figurski


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