Volume 96, Issue 86
Thursday March 13, 2003
Chris x Chiu

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LAST UPDATED: Thursday March 13, 2003 - 2:00 p.m.

USC Dental Plan contested

Debate and uncertainty were the focus of last night's University Students' Council meeting, as the legitimacy of the recently passed student dental was debated amidst a flurry of political bickering.

The commotion erupted as two posted motions were presented – the first motion called for the USC bylaw that bound the USC to the results of the Feb. 19 referendum in favour of the dental plan to be overturned. The motion failed, with four voting for the motion, 46 against and two abstaining.

SOGS pick a new President

With a record turnout of 312 graduate students casting their votes, the Society of Graduate Students elected their new president – Daryl White – after a week of online voting.

White, a PhD candidate in history, won 180 of the 312 votes cast, while his competitor Muhammad Kamran Khan received 131 votes with only one spoiled ballot.

Peanuts make comeback

Peanut allergy sufferers may no longer have to fear putting nuts in their mouths.

A new drug is in development that may eventually make life easier for those suffering from peanut allergies, said William Allstetter, media relations manager for the National Jewish Medical and Research Center. Doctors from the NJMRC are the ones leading the study, Allstetter explained.

Scholar seeks better dialogue on Middle East

Daniel Pipes is the controversial director of the Middle East Forum and a columnist for The New York Post and The Jerusalem Post. He has served on the American Departments of State and Defense. He visited Western on Monday.

From the far lane: Criminal Code doesn't help kittens

The third and final suspect in a cat torture case was captured in Vancouver, two years after he allegedly helped mutilate a cat as part of an art project for the Ontario College of Art and Design.

In the spring of 2001, three young men created a video of themselves torturing a cat as what they believed to be an artistic statement denouncing meat-eaters.


Angry men be warned: screaming + yelling = dying

Look out Dick Cheney – you may not be the only one in the Oval Office with a high risk of a heart attack.

According to a new study by psychologist Mark Ketterer from the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, the occurrence of heart disease in young men stems from their inability to handle stress and their tendency to anger quickly.


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