Volume 96, Issue 87
Friday, March 14, 2003

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Why change names? Here's The Reason

By Dale Wyatt
Gazette Staff

Gazette file photo
THIS IS THE YOUTH GONE WILD. The Reason singer Adam White releases some pent-up rage the only way he knows how.

Adam White, frontman of The Reason (formerly known as Sewing With Nancie), has some good advice for other indie bands: "Don't jump on the first boat that comes your way."

The band recently changed their name, and White admits the decision was a little forced.

"It was a mix of us having to and wanting to. We were put in a position where we could get sued if [old labels] wanted to be dicks. The other reason is our sound has changed so much – we have grown out of the old Sewing With Nancie," White says.

Not only did they leave their name behind, but they also parted ways with American label Fast Music.

"It was a pretty friendly break-up from Fast Music. It just wasn't working. We weren't putting out another record on their label so we were kicked off."

But Sewing fans need not fret: White says they still play some old favourites at every show.

"We only took the [songs] we can still get into – about six songs for now. [But] those will most likely slowly get retired over time."

White admits he was nervous about the changes, but the initial reaction has been positive.

"This tour has surprised people. It has been really good. We thought people might not listen to us, but this tour has been the best one so far. People are really surprised, and after the show, they keep coming up to us and telling us they like it more."

One positive aspect of the name change is that people may take the band more seriously now than they did when they were called Sewing With Nancie, White says.

"We wanted a name we didn't have to explain and that doesn't sound dumb like SWN. Now there is no more telling the dumb story [of how we got our name] from when we were 14. It's more serious and reflects us and our music more," White says. "You can only get so serious as SWN. You almost feel like a joke."

Although the band is between labels, they hooked up with Lonely Tree Records to release a new six-song EP called Problems Associated With Running. The band plans to release a full-length in the fall on an undisclosed label.

The change has thankfully been a positive one, though White has learned a valuable lesson:

"It is all just a big learning experience. You have to be prepared to get fucked over, but never drop your work ethic just because you think you have someone there helping you. You always have to keep working hard."

The Reason are playing with Not By Choice and Ruth's Hat tonight at Call the Office. Tickets are $10 at the door.


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