Volume 96, Issue 87
Friday, March 14, 2003

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Western films over at Rainbow

We hear it time and time again: Western the business school, Western the engineering school. What about Western the arts school?

Arts students come in many forms and they harbour much of the unspoken talents at this university. Some of the most talented people in this group have entered their work in the UWO Film Festival, which kicks off tonight at Rainbow Cinemas in the Galleria mall and runs again tomorrow night.

In its second year at Rainbow Cinemas, the film festival is growing in popularity. It's been extended to two days and includes short films from both Western and Fanshawe College students.

Arts students, like everybody else, fork out thousands of dollars to attend this university. Although they may not have the most state of the art equipment at their disposal, they remain undeterred and often rise above their faculty's limitations to create some wonderfully unique works.

The UWO Film Festival is a rare opportunity for many students whose talents often go unnoticed to shine. It's a chance for all of us to get a sneak peak at the short films our students have nursed into maturity.

Going to the movies has become a predictable experience. Instead of paying absurd theatre prices to see the next Hollywood crapfest, why not pay the pocket change it costs to go see some of your fellow students' lively and creative work? There's a special charm to the short films in the film festival. They may not be million-dollar blockbusters starring an entourage of Hollywood celebrities, but they are honest, often personal works of art that someone you probably walk past everyday on campus has poured their heart and soul into.

The film festival is a lot of bang for only a few bucks. Not only do you get to watch the films, but if you attend the festival tonight, you will get to vote for the movie you think was the best. The director of the film which gets the most votes from the audience will receive an extra $150 in their pocket, as well as gaining the incentive, and at least some of the means, to continue on with creative endeavours. Even the audience can walk away with something in their hands, as door prizes will be handed out.

The term "limited time only" certainly applies to this festival. The excuse "I'll wait and see it on video" won't work, because you're only going to get one chance to see these films before they vanish back into oblivion.

You really have nothing to lose by attending the festival. Chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised by the talent on display, and if worst comes to worst, just remember, they're short films and if you don't like one, you can take comfort in the fact that it will be over soon.

If you're going to go see a movie this weekend, why pay $10 to see one, when you could go to the UWO Film Festival and see 16 for $8?




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