Volume 96, Issue 87
Friday, March 14, 2003

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Leafs fire should not be condemned

Re: "New-look Leafs better, but still need to grow-up," Mar. 11

To the Editor:

This is a letter directed mostly at Mr. Martin, a sports writer for The Gazette who, while claiming to be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, attempted to write a well-informed column criticizing the Leafs' organization. He contends that the Maple Leafs team has to "grow up" and stop playing their game with an excess of "fire" in the manner that they have for the last several years.

His major criticisms were directed at Leafs general manager and coach Pat Quinn, who refuses to condemn the fiery play of his team when it leads to them being excessively penalized, such as in the recent game they played against the Ottawa Senators that led to suspensions for both Tie Domi and Darcy Tucker.

I, for one, believe Quinn deserves the praise of all Leafs fans and players for the following reason: Quinn stands by his team and will fight for and support his players to the death. When the relentlessly cynical Toronto media shoves microphones in his face, he will not single out players and denounce their actions as Mr. Martin advises. Is this a bad thing? No! This shows that Quinn is a team-oriented coach.

You say that Quinn and the Leafs whine constantly about the officiating, but it seems like the whining of people such as yourself, in reference to the supposed whining of the Leafs, has become far more prevalent than the observations of calls constantly going the wrong way. The Leafs criticisms are not unwarranted.

I say that Quinn should continue to make the moves that he feels are necessary, such as the recent trade of former Toronto fan favourite Dougie "Killer" Gilmour, that will surely light a fire under our beloved team.

If you don't think the Leafs have what it takes to get somewhere in the playoffs, then do us all a favour and get out now – we don't need you. All true Leaf fans have the fire inside them that you are criticizing. GO LEAFS GO, and good luck in the playoffs – I know you'll make us proud.

Mike Borgida
Philosophy I




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