Volume 96, Issue 88
Tuesday, March 18, 2003

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Yeoman gets friends

By Kelly Marcella
Gazette Staff

Two landslide victories and two nail-biting races marked the end results of this year's University Students' Council vice-presidential elections, as four new students prepare to take on their positions on next year's Board of Directors.

According to incoming VP-campus issues and fourth-year kinesiology student Adrienne Kennedy, the campaign was an incredibly emotional experience.

"It's been worthy competition, and the closeness of the vote shows the high calibre of the candidates in the race," she said. Kennedy defeated fourth-year arts student Jenny Dyck 54 to 41 on the third ballot.

Dave Ford, a fourth-year political science student, defeated fourth-year science student Mark Huston 84 to 11 to become next year's VP-education. Ford said the campaign experience was surreal and noted his excitement with the win.

"It's not just me, it's an awesome Board," he added, noting he thought his combination of experience and passion for post-secondary education gave him the edge in the race.

"I'm still waiting for it to sink in," said second-year honours business administration student Rohan Belliappa, who was elected to his VP-finance portfolio over second-year economics and political science student Charlene Naft by a vote of 81 to 14.

Belliappa said he was looking forward to giving back to the Western community. "While everyone has heard my platform, you ain't seen nothing yet," he added.

Fourth-year film and media, information and technoculture student Matt Huether said he was not surprised by the close vote that made him next year's VP-student affairs, as his competitors put in a significant amount of work. Huether defeated fourth-year history student Pat Giles on the second ballot by a vote of 51 to 45. "I hope I can show the other council that I can do it," he said.

"I'm thrilled – I'm really looking forward to next year," said Paul Yeoman, USC president-elect. "We have an amazing team with great people that will work well together," he said, noting he expects next year's Board to have a good group dynamic.

–with files from Paolo Zinatelli


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