Volume 96, Issue 90
Thursday March 20, 2003

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LAST UPDATED: Thursday March 20, 2003 - 2:30 p.m.

Bombs over Baghdad: war begins

(AP) – United States forces have launched a strike against "targets of military opportunity" in Iraq, President George W. Bush said Wednesday night. He described the action as the opening salvo in an operation to "disarm Iraq and to free its people."

Western celebrates by getting licked

Western's campus will soon be licking more than just Tootsy Rolls and tan-lines.

Yesterday, at an unveiling in the Galleria mall, Western was recognized with its very first commemorative 48 cent stamp, amidst a group of stamp enthusiasts, Western community members and Canada Post workers.

Military questions linger

On the brink of conflict in Iraq, military analysts say Baghdad will be the only point of contention should the conflict play out, but the length of the war and the number of casualties will be impossible to predict.

Ground troops, however, will not be the first to engage the enemy, according to Western history professor Jonathan Vance.

Part-time jobs fail to detract from academia

Go get a job you lazy bum.

Having a part-time job does not really consume the many hours required for sufficient academic achievement, a recent study suggests. However, sleep and leisure activities may get lost in the shuffle.

Fuh getta 'bout it
: Tory media stunt backfires

Once again, in an attempt to avoid controversy, Ontario's Progressive Conservative government has brought more criticism upon itself.

It was announced last week that the pending provincial budget, normally delivered from the legislature at Queen's Park, will be delivered out of a Toronto television studio instead. Premier Ernie Eves said the new format is a way to take the "budget of the people of Ontario directly to the people of the province of Ontario." It's a nice sentiment, but the ensuing backlash has hit the government hard.