Volume 96, Issue 91
Friday, March 21, 2003

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Intramural b-ball showdown

Team with crappiest name wins

By Ryan Hickman

Gazette Staff

Beth Kerim/Gazette
THEY DON'T CALL IT SUPER LEAGUE FOR NOTHING. His NBA dreams may be a distant memory, but Phil Rwankole (5) of "Da'Dynasty" can lay claim to intramural superiority.

The intensity was cranked up on Tuesday night, for a mammoth tilt that saw Da' Dynasty take out So Fresh, So Clean, 88-78, in the Western intramural Super League Men's Basketball Championship on the historic hardwood of Alumni Hall.

So Fresh took a highly contested road to the finals in their own version of March Madness, beating Hot Sauce 83-80 in the quarterfinals and Hoopstars, 75-70 in the semifinals. Da' Dynasty's route was like Highway 401 to Windsor – straight and easy, after dumping Faculty of Law Tier II in the quarters 82-56, and The Roots 59-50 in the semis.

Geoff Scott of So Fresh, came out and made Da' Dynasty look like more of a fad than a dynasty, by raining down a pair of treys from beyond the arc and a short little jumper to chip in for the majority of So Fresh's 10-0 run to start the contest.

So Fresh, continued their dominance and Da' Dynasty's defense looked more loose than Jenna Jameson. So Fresh, who were sporting the white away jerseys, went up 24-12 with just under 12 minutes left after two jumpers and a driving lay-up by Andy Fantuz.

To the delight of Super League nation, Fantuz also shocked them with two painful blocked shots. The first came when a Da' Dynasty player came down the lane and tossed up a shot. Fantuz catapulted off the floor to swat the ball back to mid-court, with hands that are the size of phone books. Da' Dynasty kept control of the ball and instantly drove back towards Fantuz, who spiked the ball off the south wall harder than anyone on the Mustangs volleyball team.

Da' Dynasty was starting to get frustrated and officiating calls weren't going their way – much to the chagrin of their overwhelming fan base who started chanting, "Bad ref, bad ref, bad ref!" Actually, it was just one ball bunny, with a high-pitched voice, who didn't like a call against her boyfriend.

Just as So Fresh looked like they were going to run into the locker room at half-time with a commanding lead, Da' Dynasty started to live up to their grammatically incorrect name.

So Fresh went into the locker room with a 47-41 lead after Da' Dynasty went on a 9-0 spurt to finish the half.

As the troops marched out for the second half, So Fresh's lead continued to dwindle, until finally Kevin Daye drilled a three pointer to put Da' Dynasty up by one for the first time in the night. With the game at 60-59, Daye was fouled again while throwing up another triple and calmly nailed all three from the charity stripe to extend the lead to 63-59.

The crowd rushed the court when the final buzzer sounded and Da' Dynasty was about to cut down the nets, but unfortunately the girls had already started to warm-up for the women's final afterwards.


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