Volume 96, Issue 92
Tuesday March 25, 2003

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LAST UPDATED: Tuesday March 25, 2003 - 12:45 p.m.

Western to rally for tuition freeze

Western, not usually known for its political activism, will be the site of a political rally this Wednesday.

The rally calls for a freeze of tuition fees and, in the case of the Society of Graduate Students, a reduction in graduate fees.

The rally is endorsed by the UWO Public Interest Research Group, the University Students' Council, SOGS and the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association.

Males sought for stripper boot camp

For all those male social science majors with little chance of gainful employment, a bright future in stripping might be right around the corner.

A new reality series aims to bring male strippers to your television screen with their alluring hip jerks and tantalizing peck-bouncing moves.

Troops approach Baghdad, Saddam assures victory

(CP) – American and British troops pushed within 100 kilometres of Baghdad yesterday, but left pockets of fierce resistance, uncontested Iraqi forces and a looming humanitarian crisis in their wake.

There was no sign of Iraqi resistance slowing down, as the war reached its fifth day.


Female researchers cite inequality

Female academics are claiming that a prestigious federal research award is biased against women.

A complaint was recently filed with the Human Rights Commission by a group of eight female academics; it alleges that the Canada Research Chair program discriminates against women, said David Robinson, associate director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers.


Double cohort funding impedes access?

Ontario universities will admit a higher percentage of students affected by the double cohort in a bid to get more government funding, a move critics charge will adversely affect students that fall in other categories.

The provincial government earmarked $368 million for schools supporting the differential access policy last year, but only recently have universities, such as Western, admitted to changing their admissions policy in order to qualify for the extra funding.

THE USUAL SUSPECTS: Old-fashioned thievery

Warm weather and sunshine did not bring Western's shadow dwellers out into the light, as the evil-doers of Western's underworld kept themselves busy last week.


CASA's major headache

The effectiveness of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations has been called into question during a tumultuous year which has seen the withdrawal of two of its members.

Western builds stuff
Doozers set to storm campus

The annoying noise you hear isn't necessarily the sound of hippie war protest drums or people in your residence breaking the floorcest rule – in fact, it's probably one of the many construction projects on campus this year.