Volume 96, Issue 92
Tuesday, March 25, 2003

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Males sought for stripper boot camp

By Marshall Bellamy
Gazette Staff

For all those male social science majors with little chance of gainful employment, a bright future in stripping might be right around the corner.

A new reality series aims to bring male strippers to your television screen with their alluring hip jerks and tantalizing peck-bouncing moves.

Bravo! is slated to air Strip Search, and anyone with an unquenchable desire to take it all off can currently apply, said Morgan Elliott of Take It Off Productions and producer of the new sultry program.

Strip Search will document the auditions of potential male strippers in 10 Canadian cities, Elliot explained, noting 20 finalists will then be selected for stripper "boot camp."

Over the course of several weeks, the contestants will undergo rigorous stripper training; candidates will be steadily cut from the ranks of aspiring dancers until there are only six dancers left, Elliott explained.

The proud few dancers that rise above the rest of the playing field will then be able to take part in a country-wide tour in which they almost bare it all in clubs all over Canada, Elliott stated.

"I think it would totally be a blast – who knows what could happen," said Shawn Place, a bicycle mechanic from Dundas, Ontario and the first person to submit an application to Strip Search.

According to Place, he was playing on the Internet along with a few friends when they found the Strip Search Web site. When he was told that he had to apply for the contest, he became skeptical.

"Once my girlfriend found out about it she said that I had to do it," Place exclaimed, adding his family really was not all that surprised that he had gotten caught up in the male stripper fever.

Elliott said the concept of a televised male stripper search was initially concocted by a production company in Australia and became such a big hit that the featured strippers are now a successful seven-man dance troupe aptly named "Thunder From Down Under."

"It's fun and tasteful and not sleazy; [it is] pretty wholesome. It's just fun," Elliott stated.

"I don't think so, no one wants to see that shit," said fourth-year computer science student Andrew Woolford, after being asked if he would participate in the Strip Search contest.

When asked if she would support her boyfriend in such an activity, fourth year biochemistry student Nicole Thornicloft stated, "I would be supportive of him learning some new moves. I appreciate the training that is involved."


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