Volume 96, Issue 93
Wednesday, March 26, 2003

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12 Questions: Night of the Living Daylights

By Megan O'Toole
Gazette Staff

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The Living Daylights took some time away from rockin' out to respond to our 12 Questions. Corey Windover (guitars/vocals), Dan Ainsworth (bass) and P.J. Sparks (percussion) each had some thoughts to contribute.

1) How did you get started in the music biz?

P.J.: Dan and I used to live around the corner from each other in Sarnia, so we started playing music together for something to do back in high school. We couldn't drive or anything, so we'd just walk over to someone's house and jam.

2) Who would you compare your sound to?

Corey: When we ask people who we sound like, it's difficult to get a solid response. We incorporate styles of funk and rock to create our own unique sound.

3) What do you like the most about the music scene?

Dan: The fact that people will go to the bar solely for the purpose of watching our band is very satisfying.

Corey: I enjoy the opportunity of expression through music, and it's an amazing feeling to see people singing along at our shows.

4) Is it your eventual goal to be signed to a major label?

P.J.: Our goal is to have fun and be the best we can be. A record deal would be cool for something to try, I think.

5) What is your current favourite book?

Corey: Lately, all I have been reading is textbooks.

P.J.: Ghost Rider by Neil Peart.

Dan: Beach Boy by Ardashir Vakil.

6) What do you think about the recent hype surrounding "garage bands"?

P.J.: I predict the hype will die down just like it did for the last few "big things" in rock 'n' roll. Techno was massive for awhile, but it died down and settled into a place alongside all the other forms of rock. I think that'll eventually happen with "garage bands."

7) What is in your CD player right now?

Corey: 311 – Grassroots, The Beatles – Rubber Soul, Phish – Round Room

P.J.: Matthew Good – Avalanche, Linkin Park – Meteora, Rush – Signals

Dan: Jamiroquai – Travelling Without Moving, The Living Daylights – The Royal Sampler

8) Why should people go to your live show?

P.J.: I think our show offers a little something for everybody, without blowing the person's eardrums out. We play rock music with an up-tempo sound, but we try not to drown things out in a wash of guitars or wailing vocals.

9) Has your music ever scared the living daylights out of people? (Insert groan here.)

Corey: Come on out on Thursday and we'll do our best!

10) What's your take on reality television?

Dan: It's about as popular as rugburn.

Corey: It's fixed.

11) Do you believe in using music to convey political messages?

P.J.: If that is what a musician wants to do with his four minutes of radio time, then that is what he or she should do. If a person's views on something like politics are so strong that they want to share them, then what better way to get their thoughts out there?

12) Any last words for London readers?

Corey: Come out on Thursday – trust the Daylights, it is well worth it!

The Living Daylights will hit The Spoke Thursday night with Seconds to Go and Brontothesauras. Admission is free.


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