Volume 96, Issue 95
Friday, March 28, 2003

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Suz Blues House gets a little Greener

By Benjamin Freedman
Gazette Staff

The very idea of an electronic music party such as Greenfields II may have seemed laughable a year ago, when Uber Industries introduced the first one to the local party community. After a year of long nights and short days, show organizer and founder of Uber Industries Matt Wright is proud of what he has been able to produce.

"Feels damn good," Wright explains, when asked about the company's success. "I [started] it on a whim and it's great to still be around. I had no expectations. I just tried to have a good time and bring in some international names."

Throwing successful parties in London is not an easy feat. Uber has exploded because of the dedication and hard work of its friends. The venues, DJs and visual effects typically share the common thread of creating the complete sensory experience.

"For this party, we're going the whole nine yards," explained an excited Wright. "The downstairs has two powerful, rotating lasers and a projection screen. We're hoping to get the live-feedback running off the beats on the second floor, so the visual effect will parallel the music. On the top floor, there is just going to be a lot of lasers. But it's all second to the sound."

Greenfields II offers an impressive roster of up-and-coming, classic and newly established DJs. The party is at Suz Blues House, which presents three floors, separated by genre, to satisfy everyone.

Toronto house DJs Stretch and Hooker are one of the boast-worthy headlining acts. The two have played alongside almost every one of the world's top 100 DJs and rocked festivals for more than 17,000.

They are being backed by a slew of local talent, however. Fella used to play for Bluesky Production, a London-based company that made the move to Miami.

"Fella is a classic – one of Canada's most underrated DJs. He doesn't play that often anymore, so it will be great to have him rip up the tunes," Wright explains.

Drum and bass DJ Capital J, is headlining the second floor with his unique scratching talents. He has been known to scratch with his head, feet and chin, however, his greatest gift is the amazing energy he can create.

Before drum and bass/jungle heads are treated to Capital J's vibe, there is the opportunity to hear some of the best electronic DJs Western has to offer. Shug, who was recently invited to play WEMF, will be closing the night (at 6 a.m.). Spencer Daniels, Feradoxin and Pete EP are also all supporting the purple party pride.

DJ Opel, one of the Uber friends and DJs, says he has a really good feeling about the party.

"The night is definitely going to be hard and fast. I don't know how else to describe it, but our feedback is through the message boards and the response has been fantastic."

The Greenfields festival takes place this Saturday at Suz Blues House (566 Dundas St.) Tickets are $20 and doors open at 9 p.m..


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