Volume 96, Issue 95
Friday March 28, 2003
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LAST UPDATED: Friday March 28, 2003 - 2:45 p.m.

Internet addiction: the new heroin?

You know you're tired.

You intended to go to sleep early, but found yourself on MSN Messenger playing High Fidelity's "Top Five List" game.

All of a sudden, 3 a.m. rolls around and you don't know whether "So Far Away" or "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" should take title spot for your favourite Rod Stewart song. It's OK – as university students, most of us have been there. With so many university students clocking in late hours on the Internet, addiction seems like a harsh conclusion.

Students brutally assaulted at Masonville

In an unprovoked incident, two Western students were brutally attacked outside of Masonville Place on Tuesday night, according to the London Police Department.

The students, a male and a female, were attacked by three men outside of the entrance to Sears at about 11 p.m., where they were sitting on a tipped over shopping cart waiting for a bus.

Tories budget for starving students

After weeks of controversy surrounding the staging of its delivery, the Ontario budget was presented yesterday live from the Magna Technical Training Institute in Brampton.

"We wanted to give you (Ontario's voters) the chance to give us your feedback," said Premier Ernie Eves, in explaining why the budget was delivered outside of the provincial legislature.


UBC offers free tuition to PhDs

On top of the potent marijuana, doctors of philosophy candidates may have a second integral reason to study on the West coast – free tuition.

Recently, the University of British Columbia announced that, beginning in September 2003, they will be waiving the tuition for all PhD candidates for their first four years of study.

Best friends?
America critiques Canada's loyalty

America's ambassador to Canada has issued a stinging critique of our country's decision to stay out of the war in Iraq, citing increased border security and faltering trade as consequences of the deteriorating political relationship between our two nations.

War in Iraq rages: casualties mounting

(CP) – American-led forces bombed Iraqi targets and battled Iraqi troops the length and breadth of Iraq yesterday and British forces claimed the destruction of 14 tanks in their biggest battle since the Second World War.

Iraq resists, while SARS spreads

In a week packed with news – which flew past oblivious students like multivariable calculus – The Gazette brings its weekly summary of national stuff and global things.

Can Americans point fingers over POW treatment?

The American government has expressed outrage over apparent Iraqi treatment of prisoners of war, but some experts suggest the United States has also contravened principles outlined in the Geneva Convention.

Man without technology

My Grade 11 chemistry teacher once attempted to teach me the proper formula to be used in a science experiment. Sadly, her efforts were in vain and I am now a social science major with no apparent need for science, although, for one day, I am going to attempt to try it again.