Volume 96, Issue 81
Wednesday March 5, 2003
Kremey Dream

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LAST UPDATED: Wednesday March 5, 2003 - 1:35 p.m.

Manley visits Mustangs stable

It's not often that federal security guards can be found inside the office of the University Students' Council – but yesterday's visitor required just such a precaution.

Yesterday, John Manley, Finance Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and potential Liberal leadership candidate, made a brief appearance in the USC office inside the University Community Centre, to engage in a post-budget meeting with council members, including USC President Chris Sinal and some of the Board of Directors.

Twelve students battle to become Yeoman's bitches

Twelve candidates have emerged to battle for a spot on next year's University Students' Council Board of Directors.

According to Brad Nicpon, USC speaker and chief returning officer of the USC VP-elections, this year's elections are very encouraging because there is a significant number of candidates.

Riding in cars with drunk drivers

Not many people are foolish enough to drink and drive anymore, but many teenagers still get into cars driven by their drunk friends.

According to an article published yesterday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal
, 32 per cent of students in Ontario admit to having been a passenger in a car driven by an intoxicated person.

Engineering nerds win big

The pocket-protecting stars of the classic film Revenge of the Nerds have nothing on the three Western engineering students who walked away victorious from last weekend's Canadian Engineering Competition.

Global warming a phantom menace

With Canadians being confronted with a string of bitterly cold, winter weather, many people may be wondering what happened to global warming.

"Global warming is a slow but consistent increase in recorded global temperatures over the past 100 to 150 years," explained Brian Luckman, geography professor at Western. He said many factors affect the Earth's climate, including the sun's energy output, ocean circulation and volcanic eruptions.


THE USUAL SUSPECTS: Thieves love rolling up rims

Surprisingly enough, an extensive investigation has uncovered the fact that not everyone spent their Reading Week reading books.

According to Const. Wendy McGowan, spokesperson for the University Police Department, with the bulk of students basking in the warm glow of the Mexican sun and swooshing down snow-covered ski slopes, it was a fairly quiet week for the campus crime fighting team.

Mayor DeCicco: city moving forward

For all of those keeners interested in the economic state of London, you missed your chance to hear about it firsthand yesterday.

London Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco spoke about London's economic development last night at an event sponsored by Western's faculties of science and engineering and InterNETwork London.

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