Volume 96, Issue 82
Thursday, March 6, 2003

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Take a world tour of remedies

By Lorraine Forester
Gazette Staff

For as long as people have been suffering from hangovers, cures for this ailment have also been sought. These cures stray far from the normal aspirin and water remedy, but are guaranteed to cure the after-effects of a wild night. The next time you find yourself boarding the porcelain bus, make sure it makes a stop in one of these countries.

Country: Mongolia

Cure: It may sound more like a witch's potion, but try drinking a tall glass of tomato juice toppled with a pickled sheep's eye.

Country: Sweden

Cure: A plate of pickled herring, followed by a glass of milk. Trouble is, the smell of fish may only add to the symptoms.

Country: Japan

Cure: Raw fish, marinated for two days with lemon juice and chopped raw onion, doused with hot sauce and eaten with popcorn and beer. Sounds like a lot of preparation.

Cure #2: Silkworm waste – the protein is said to lower levels of alcohol. One question: where do you get silkworm waste?

Cure #3: It is believed that ginkgo biloba seeds prevent drunkenness and hangovers, by helping improve the circulation of blood to the brain.

Country: Ancient Rome

Cure: Owl eyes seasoned with the powder of ground-up amethysts. Good luck finding these ingredients.

Country: the southern United States

Cure: Jezebel tea – a mixture of fresh mint, celery, parsley, garlic, cinnamon sticks, cloves and fresh ginger boiled together. Compared to owl eyes, this is more our cup of tea.

Country: China

Cure: Place your right thumb firmly against the fleshy part between your left thumb and forefinger – this technique is supposed to "quiet the large intestine."

Cure #2: Add the roots of dandelion, yellow dock, chicory and ginger to boiling water, honey and lemon juice. Some say this is too much work, but hard work has been known to pay off.

Country: Russia

Cure: Before drinking, wash down the juice from a few cucumbers, mixed with a bit of salt.

Country: New York City, United States

Cure: Drink to the rhyme: "Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you're in the clear," invented in McGrath's Saloon, NYC. We've all used this rhyme and unfortunately it does not guarantee a hangover-free Sunday morning.

Country: Korea

Cure: Fructose, otherwise known as fruit sugar, is said to speed up the body's metabolism of alcohol by about 25 per cent by Korean scientists. Fructose can be found in ginseng root, but it is expensive. A more economical solution would be to put some honey in your tea as a Sunday morning hangover potion. Shafeek Roberts, a pharmacist at Western Pharmacy, agreed with this solution, noting that, after a heavy night of drinking, it is important to get your glucose levels up.

Country: The University of Western Ontario. It's not really a country, although sometimes it feels like it, but the following cures come straight from our own campus expert.

Cure: "Drink loads and loads of water, along with gingko biloba seeds," Roberts suggested.

Vitamin B or liver enzymes are also helpful. "[They] help to detoxify and speed up the [hangover] process," Roberts explained. "[However], at the end of the day, it depends from person to person [how fast one can rid themselves of a hangover]."

Most people probably find themselves reaching for Tylenol the next morning, however, surprisingly, this little pill actually stresses the liver, which is already working hard to process the alcohol.

So, the next time you wake up on a fateful morning with a hangover, remember, you are not alone, hangovers are a common occurrence around the world – most countries just have more inventive cures than we do.



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