Volume 96, Issue 82
Thursday March 6, 2003

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LAST UPDATED: Thursday March 6, 2003 - 12:30 p.m.

Base student fees frozen by USC

The proposed budget for the next fiscal year was presented to the University Students' Council last night, outlining, among other things, a freeze on the base USC student fee.

"We, the USC Board of Directors and the USC Finance Committee, are recommending a full and sustained freeze to the USC base fee," said USC VP-finance Michael Rudd.

Concrete Beach gets makeover
Will still lack ocean, bikinis and surfing

Nothing says happy anniversary more than 10-foot trees and pretty lights.

At last night's University Students' Council meeting, President Chris Sinal presented a plan to redesign the landscaping on the Concrete Beach, in front of the University Community Centre. The renovation would act as a gift to Western on behalf of the USC for the school's 125th anniversary, Sinal said.

How not to be a wanker
New Brunswick teaches etiquette course

The administration at the University of New Brunswick, spurred by shocked employer phone calls, has decided to launch an etiquette course to better prepare their students for job interviews.

"You can be technically well qualified for a job, but, if you cannot carry on a conversation or are short on sophistication when it comes to table manners at a business luncheon, you will probably not get the job, " said Yolanda Spithoven, the outreach co-ordinator at UNB, who assists students in finding employment.

NDP platform targets education

The Ontario New Democratic Party recently released their election platform – and left-wing hippies across the province held a collective bong session in celebration.

The NDP, in preparation for a likely spring provincial election, released an 80-page document outlining their plans should they form the next government.

Raspberry Beret: Individuals shape the course of history

It has become increasingly apparent how much individuals in powerful positions can really affect the course of human history.

Not only are there internal structures in most nations to keep any individual from becoming too powerful, but the existence of international bodies attempt to keep greedy politicians or military dictators in check. The problem is that neither of these systems appear to be overly effective. In many nations – some democratic and some not – leaders of states have acquired the ability to act unilaterally.


Waterloo student group sues university for $11 million

For students at the University of Waterloo, nothing says "stick it to the man" like handing him a huge multi-million dollar lawsuit.

On Monday, the Federation of Students at Waterloo launched legal action against the university's administration, seeking $11 million in lost revenue and damages.


Jobs on the rise
Students have more options than railway hobo & hooker

Unemployed Western students should have no fear because apparently London is the land of milk, honey and juicy employment opportunities.

According to the results of a survey conducted by Manpower Inc., 47 per cent of London business employers will be hiring additional personnel in the next several months.


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