Volume 96, Issue 83
Friday, March 7, 2003

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Supergrass: Part II
Rock 'n' roll dads rock

By Christopher Hodge
Gazette Staff

Rock stars love having an opinion. Ask guitarist Danny Goffey of Supergrass about anything and he won't dodge the issue like a shady politician – he'll go right for the bone.

Goffey holds no punches and is ready to deliver an honest opinion regardless of the question. Our first stop: American Idol judge Simon Cowell – insightful critic or jackass?

"He's the most idiotic person I think I've ever seen," Goffey laughs. "The idea of people judging each other is pretty strange. If they had left it at that, it might have been quite entertaining, but now in Britain every fucking show on Saturday night is a reality show. They have this one called Salon, which is a reality show where they have people cutting hair. Various people come in to get their hair cut, and the worst, or least liked person, is voted out of the salon!"

In addition to his work with Supergrass, Goffey is also fond of many of his side projects, one of which he formed with an ex-girlfriend.

"I formed a band called Lodger with my girlfriend. We took the record company to the cleaners. Made loads of money off of them, then broke up right away. It's a great rock 'n' roll story!"

Although Goffey may be far from home at the present moment, when asked if he finds it difficult to separate fame and fortune from family, he admits that the two are now inseparable.

"I don't have an abnormal life," Goffey says. "The two merge into one, and I'm still steadily learning as I go. I don't think I'd want to have a separate life in the country; I like being surrounded by music and the band life."

As the father of three, being a rock 'n' roll dad is another of the many challenges Goffey faces on a daily basis. His eldest, now 13, is approaching the age when a teenager realizes that his parents are, in fact, not cool. When asked if he thinks his step-daughter will reach the same conclusion, Goffey laughs and humbly adds, "I think she likes our band, and she's kind of proud of us, but I think she's more into musicians like Alicia Keys and Romeo."

As for the band's impending tour of North America, Goffey is looking forward to a variety of different venue sizes, and says that he still considers Supergrass to be a small bar band, and not the mega-stadium rock quartet they have become.

"We just played Wembley, and there were 8,000 people in the crowd," Goffey says. "They were on their seats, and really seemed to be liking the gig. Of course, when you're doing a show that size, you're doing it to impress.

"After that, we did this radio show in Germany for like 40 people. It was such an extreme. I remember thinking, 'We're not playing here, we just played Wembley,'" Goffey jokes.


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