Volume 96, Issue 83
Friday, March 7, 2003

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USC Board candidates ruffle their feathers

By Kelly Marcella and Chris Webden
Gazette Staff

The 11 candidates vying for the four VP positions on next year's University Students' Council Board of Directors, flashed their million dollar smiles and yapped like poodles in the University Community Centre yesterday.

Rohan Belliappa, a second-year honours business administration student and VP-finance candidate, said he brings the hard business and financing skills, as well as approachability and people skills to the portfolio. "One of my objectives is to showcase the potential of CHRW [94.7 FM] and TV Western," Belliappa said.

Second-year economics and political science student and VP-finance candidate Charlene Naft said she intends to work with the other VPs, councillors and officers to create a good working environment. Naft said she also intends to extend the position's visibility across Western's campus.

Fourth-year political science student and VP-education candidate Dave Ford said the potential to effect change, both at the governmental level and the individual student level, is what attracted him to the position. Ford said his experience working with provincial and federal lobby groups qualified him for the position.

VP-education candidate and fourth-year science student Mark Huston said his platform features viable initiatives for the upcoming year. "We have to be realistic in what we're asking and what we're doing."

Pat Giles, a fourth-year history student and candidate for VP-student affairs, said he would ensure all Western students were made aware of the different ways to become involved on campus. "I would ensure that [Orientation Week] events are all inclusive."

Fourth-year film and media, information and technoculture student and VP-SA candidate Matt Huether said he wanted to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to be involved in campus events. "I think there are ways to get out to these people and get them involved," he said.

According to Mike Weir, a fourth-year biology student and VP-SA candidate, said he hopes to ensure all students are entertained at Western and leave university thinking about what a great time they had. He said it is important to bring the USC and residence staff together to ensure next year's first-year students have a great transition year.

Myron Belej, a third-year civil engineering and geography student and VP-campus issues candidate, expressed a desire to leave behind a legacy of dialogue by fostering relations between several different communities and groups around Western and London.

Fourth-year arts student and VP-CI candidate Jenny Dyck emphasized the importance of expanding and strengthening the portfolio. Dyck said the city-wide expansion of Queerline and the growth of the Women's Issues Network were key platform issues.

Adrienne Kennedy, a fourth-year kinesiology student and VP-CI candidate, said she felt it is important to hear the concerns of all students, because they are the ones she is working for, adding it would be her job to ensure she was working effectively to address student needs.

VP-CI candidate and fourth-year English student Ila Seegobin said she wanted to improve and expand services for gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual students. Seegobin also noted that she wanted to address accessibility and child care issues on campus.


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