Volume 96, Issue 83
Friday, March 7, 2003

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Orientation Week not so weak

Re: "O-Week criticism," Mar. 5

To the Editor:

This is an appeal to you to consider a different perspective on your Orientation Week experience. There are three major issues that you have addressed.

First, you've expressed a distaste for the "power trips" that sophs tend to go on. You rationalize this by suggesting that sophs are only a year older or even the same age as their frosh. Orientation Week is not the subordination of the frosh; we consider the frosh our ultimate priority.

It is unfortunate (dare I say naive) for you to simply associate age with experience. So what if we are the same age as you? Sophs have one year of university under their belts. Your first year of university is unlike any other year. It is filled with awkward transitions, identity adjustments, intricate socialization and those dreaded academics. The first year of university is enough to fill your entire high school calendar.

Secondly, you addressed the juvenile treatment that you received. I fail to see why you are being such a baby about it. The questions that you received pertaining to safety issues are not meant to insult your intelligence. Rebellion towards every housing rule and regulation is a traditional first-year leisure activity.

Your entire argument culminates with your blatant dislike of the "camper/counsellor" relationship.

Sophs don't mean to herd you to that next blisteringly hot event. We don't want to wake you up at the crack of dawn or force you to do stupid cheers. We really don't want to hold your hair up while you vomit from alcohol consumption. We simply want you to have a good time and sometimes it involves a little push. We are here to advise, when asked, and not to lecture. We offer our opinions as suggestions and not commandments. We eat, breathe and live the spirit of Orientation Week.

I feel badly about your disappointing experience with Orientation Week, but I can't agree with anything you said. So here is a suggestion: if you want to be treated like an adult, act like one. The sophs will comply and adjust their methods to compliment the way you act.

Daniel (Sherpa) Abichandani
Psychology II




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