Volume 97, Issue 1
Thursday, May 22, 2003

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Beer tastes better in the summer

Stuff & Things
Kelly Marcella
Campus Life Editor

So I'm a hypocrite.

I remember writing a column at this same time last year complaining about how horrid the summer months were in sweltering southern Ontario. But I've changed my mind and compiled a list of reasons for my renewed love of summer.

1. Making money is great. I've been living below the poverty line for the last couple of weeks waiting for my first paycheque, but I have to say I prefer making money over spending copious amounts of it during the school year.

2. Beer tastes better in the summer. I'm not sure if it's because there's nothing better than sitting on a patio on a warm night drinking beer or because I can actually afford to do so now without feeling guilty for spending money I don't have. In any case, the summer months make the golden nectar all the more refreshing.

3. Long weekends were created for added enjoyment. The holiday is called May "2-4" for a reason.

4. Drinking on a Wednesday is OK. I know we're all students and drinking on any night of the week is generally acceptable, but summer months seem to make it even more so. Why you ask? Simply because you don't have to feel guilty about not getting up for class or struggling to finish an essay that's already late.

5. Whoever thought up outdoor concerts was a genius. Big names at outdoor venues on a warm starry night are fantastic, but more importantly, groups like Trooper and Glass Tiger are wonderful nostalgia trips and can only be fully appreciated underneath the open sky.

6. A good BBQ. Mmmm barbecue...need I say more?

7. Cottage parties. Nothing says summer like spending a weekend with friends at a cottage on a lake in the middle of nowhere. The slower pace of life can best be savoured here and is the reason summer holidays were invented in the first place.

8. And lastly, I own an air conditioner. I have generally considered summers in London nearly unbearable for one key reason – the weather. But alas, I now own an air conditioner, making my complaints unjustified. My Northern blood loves the sweet cold air....

So what if I'm a hypocrite, it's summer. Get out there and enjoy it.



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