November 11, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 40  

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LPD the Gestapo?

To the Editor:

We were recently visited by a London policeman responding to an a"nonymous tip" about street signs inside our house. If someone actually did point the finger at us, then c'mon: who rats people out over a couple of street signs?

What are the London police, the Gestapo? We are harbouring a "For Rent" sign that came between us and our walk home from GT's, not a missing sign that could potentially cause an accident (eg. stop signs). If one of Varsity Rentals' million signs becomes a frosh's drunk memento, who cares? Apparently missing rental signs and breaking up keg parties are the top priority of the LPD, while the Saugeen streaker and the drug dealers in front of the Richmond St. McDonalds go uncaught. The police need to actually fight real crime and leave university students alone.

Len Sauer

Gazette love

Re: "Gazette sucks," Nov. 5, 2003

To the Editor:

On a regular basis I am quite grateful for the content of The Gazette. Some people (such as Lauren Starr) may find that Gazette articles and headlines have no purpose other than "to shock," but people like myself are quite happy reading topics that express how Generation X predominantly thinks.

Who has the right to deem the person who "laughs at swear words" as the "lowest common denominator?" If one is looking to read a paper that disregards realism and sincerity then I suggest you turn to any Toronto Star, Toronto Sun or local paper where topics have been overdone, reprinted, re-edited and re-gurgitated so those in the "higher denominator" are tricked into thinking they are learning something new.

So I challenge you -on behalf of all the students- to disregard those stuck in mundane idealism and keep ranting for us realists.

Sarah Shafey
Social Science III


Re: "Soccer good, soccer bad," Nov. 7, 2003

To the Editor:

Do you see those red flowers people are wearing? They just seem to show up around this time of year, out of nowhere.

Remember back when people used to wear them more? Nowadays you're lucky to catch two out of a crowd of 50 people with them on. Sometimes you honestly wonder if people have forgotten and when a campus newspaper editorial says "nothing happens in November," you wonder why.

They are gone only if we forget. Remembrance Day is Nov. 11.

Lawrence Loh
Medicine II

Leave the refs alone

Re: "Refs play key role in loss," Nov. 5, 2003

To the Editor:

First of all, scoring no goals helps play a role in any loss. It is too common a theme these days for hockey players to credit their failures to someone else and their successes to themselves. Penalties were likely called throughout the game, but the one called in overtime is the only one anybody talks about. Also, if you are going to complain about penalties, what about the ones called against the other team, providing power plays you didn't capitalize on? Most officials rarely call an OT penalty unless it is obvious.

I was not surprised to read that Western's coach Paul Cook saw the penalty as a lack of discipline and was not making excuses for the loss. Any good coach knows you will get good calls and bad calls, but in the end your team's effort will determine success. I just love the writer's phrase from the article: "The poor refereeing had a significant influence on the game's outcome." Did I forget to mention Western was out-shot badly?

Good luck to the team this year. If the players concentrate on THEIR OWN game, they will have success.

Scott Legree
Science I

Don't poison Ivey

Re: "Campus women respond to UWO's 'people watcher,'" Nov. 4, 2003

To the Editor:

The comment "they really do let some geniuses into Ivey!" was totally un-called for. There's no need to take out those claws, ladies. Why don't you chill out! I can say that you have no right in judging him, let alone a whole faculty, as being materialistic and snobbish.

The purpose of his original piece was to point out these silly little things we do and you just proved that we (the corduroy-wearing, over-romanticized and idealistic arts students) are the first to fall into the trap.

I didn't appreciate your attack on Ivey students. I'm sure the other HBA students who worked their asses off to get to where they are today didn't appreciate your self-indulgent revenge on a solitary student's opinion piece. These fallacious statements made by you and your hyper-critical girlies were not only false but also extremely cruel and you've taken this whole argument to a different level. Thank you for supporting the arts stereotype of being outrageous and outspoken hippies.

In response to Daniel's stalkers who looked him up on the Internet... if you're that desperate in looking for a date, check out

Stephanie Lettieri
Visual Arts III



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