November 11, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 40  

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This day in history

Three years ago yesterday, the behemoth of a blunder and the frightful failure known as Operation Massive bullied its way into Western and our innocent lives, only to lose over $30,000 with its party promises and leave everyone feeling like an overused rectal probe.

“Unlike Remembrance Day, this is one you ought to forget,” said former University Students’ Council VP-student affairs and Gazette pundit, Chris Sinal. “Operation Massive was the attempt by the USC to bring the university together to make money — and it was an abysmal, cataclysmic failure.”

“It was so bad it sucked lesser events down with it — it even made Jesus cry,” Sinal explained. “Whoever was the jackass student politician behind it should have been ritualistically slaughtered; instead, he went on to become president.”

—Marshall Bellamy



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