November 12, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 41  

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Students respond to "purple helmet"

Re: "Big purple thing to cause USC ruckus?," Nov. 5, 2003

To the Editor:

I am sick of hearing people complain about the purple awning on our newly renovated Concrete Beach. Personally, I don't even find it that ugly to begin with! I feel its bright colour is inviting and a nice change from all that grey concrete; is purple not our school colour? I know I am not the only one on campus that feels this way; in fact, I have yet to speak to a student face-to-face that dislikes the awning.

So please, everyone stop your bitching and let the big beautiful purple awning be. But if you do decide removal is the best option then I do have a small request: can you please get rid of the ugly Social Science Centre and Weldon Library while you're at it?

Andrea Clement
Social Science I

To the Editor:

I am shocked and appalled one of our student councillors wants to tear down the very cornerstone of the Western community. The newly constructed purple awning which adorns the renovated Concrete Beach is a symbol of Western pride and the envy of communities outside our gates. How can we allow someone to tear at the very fabric that holds this university together?

When the awning was built it captured the spirit and essence of this university and it stands tall and proud as a big purple beacon of hope for the world (as only the second human crafted structure which is visible from space).

I call everyone on campus to rise with me to defend this treasure! This threat to our awning shakes the very core of our campus and we must devote all our energy to preserving this central figure. I may be as bold as to say the thought of losing the beloved awning makes me realize what is really important in this world.

I implore students, faculty and staff to do whatever they can to ensure the heart and soul of Western's campus is preserved not only for us, but also for the generations to come.

Sean Doherty
Biology II
President of CRAP
(Coalition to Renew Awning Pride)

To the Editor:

I saw a girl taking pictures of the purple awning that is the subject of so much debate and all I could think was "Do you people not have better things to do?" In case people have not noticed, mid-terms are still going on, tuition is still through the roof and surprisingly, people are still dying. It is just an awning. Calm down.

Why are people so outraged or even surprised the University Students' Council spent this money? For a student body that wastes so much money on basketball shoes and Louis Vuitton purses, why would we expect the organization we elected to spend wisely?

Further, for anyone proposing to either modify or remove the awning: it will cost MORE money to fix the problem. Obviously, somebody just got back their Business 257 mid-term and subsequently dropped the class before realizing they had skipped the entire cost behaviour section.

My only complaint with regards to the USC is with those who claim the University Community Centre mall would experience a decrease in sales if the sign were removed. That is the equivalent of pouring water all over somebody's laptop and then suing them for the stress you felt while doing it.

I'd just like everyone to realize there are much uglier things that exist in this world. Fortunately, I promised myself I would not name names.

Philip White
ACS/French III

To the Editor:

While I agree the purple awning isn't the prettiest thing in the world, we shouldn't be wasting time pissing and moaning about it. Why don't we wait until the whole Concrete Beach is completed before we judge one detail.

In the meantime, we should give it a new name people will embrace. May I suggest the Purple Helmet? Finally, something on this campus I can relate to!

Graham Gould
English IV

To the Editor:

I don't know what the big deal is with this stupid purple awning. $12,000 to remove it? Give me fifty bucks and a sledgehammer and I'll take care of it in an hour.

Vlad Ivanovski
Electrical Engineering III

Me fail English? That's unpossible!

Re: "Western's hiring practices: diversity and equality?," Nov. 6, 2003

To the Editor:

When I read the article about diversity and hiring procedures for Western professors, I couldn't help but think of my own experience. For three years I have been forced to learn from professors whose first language is not English. I have no inherent problem with learning from foreign people, but to sit in a class and have no clue what is going on because I cannot understand what the teacher is saying is diversity gone wrong.

It makes no difference to me WHO is teaching, as long as they are qualified. I would rather they abolish this policy and hire strictly on teaching and speaking ability. If I was applying to be a teacher in France, for example, I would expect I would have a harder time than a native Frenchman because I have to learn the language first and prove I could speak it fluently. Why are professors coming to our country not held to the same standard?

Ryan Smith
Economics II



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