November 12, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 41  

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Campus Inquisition

With a riveting municipal election gone by and with only 30 students using the polling stations in the University Community Centre The Gazette decided to infiltrate the ranks of the common student and find out how much Western students really don't know or care about municipal politics.

"I had every intention of voting but I didn't. The thing is I didn't do any research - I'm just a lazy kid."

-Sarah Purcell
history/geography III

"I did vote and I do care. It was pretty bad though because I didn't do research until the night before - the media made it seem like [the mayoral race] was between two people."

-Brody Armstrong
visual arts III and active voter

"I know there was about three per cent voter turnout and there were two Western students running."

-Stephanie Kumpunen
health science II

"I know the polls opened at 10 a.m. because the polls I went to vote at opened at nine."

-Crystal Nehdry
health science II

"I voted for Anne-Marie. I figure I am optimistic she learned something over her administration. I hope Tom Gosnell helps her out. He's got tonnes of experience so if they work together maybe we got something."

-Brian O'Drowsky
history, part-time

"No, I didn't mean to vote. In an honest traditional response I didn't feel I could make a difference."

-James Leitch
kinesiology III

"Who won?"

-Tim Christensen
political science III

"I didn't really know anything about it, aaahhh... I don't know, I wouldn't have felt right voting because I didn't know the candidates."

-Jamie Stevenson
health science II

"I wasn't really passionate about it because I'm not from London."

-Nicole Abreu
media, information and technoculture II

"I think municipal politics get more done than provincial politics. They have direct contact with the people so elections are always good."

-Sheri Hull
nursing III

"I didn't vote. I'm not from London so I don't care."

-Lisa Padderson
social science II

"I didn't vote. I didn't really know about it, I don't know who was running. I didn't want to take the chance and vote for the wrong person."

-Autumn Tilley

"I did vote. I can understand [student voter apathy] because they didn't do enough advertising towards students, but next time it would encourage people to vote because apathy SUCKS."

-Evan Kropchick
history III



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