November 12, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 41  

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USC boardroom gets smashed; politicos sad

By Anton Vidgen
Gazette Staff

Courtesy the University Students’ Council
IF ONLY THEY KNEW A MEASLY PURPLE AWNING WOULD CAUSE THIS MUCH DESTRUCTION. The University Students’ Council’s boardroom was broken into and vandalized Friday night.

Normally, fun is a lot like a barrel of monkeys, but a barrel of monkeys stormed the University Students' Council boardroom and left behind a big path of their wily hooliganism and troublesome primate sense of humour.

Vandals broke into the USC boardroom on Friday night, smashing glass picture frames containing photos of past USC board members, said Dave Meaney, a dispatcher with the Campus Community Police Service.

"Nothing was taken that we know of," Meaney noted, but said broken glass was found lying around the room. The CCPS is still waiting for an estimate of the overall damage caused, he added.

Police are puzzled as to who would have had any motive to cause such meaningless destruction, Meaney said, especially given no items were removed from the room.

There are no suspects at the moment but the investigation is still ongoing, he added.

"It's very unfortunate and disappointing as well," said USC President Paul Yeoman. "It's such a random act of violence.

"Acts of vandalism unfortunately do happen on campus," Yeoman said insightfully.

"There is a significant amount of history encapsulated on that single wall," said USC VP-finance Rohan Belliappa. "[Now] the boardroom is just a boardroom like most others," he noted remorsefully.

When pressed for comment, USC VP-campus issues Adrienne Kennedy acknowledged some sentimental value. "I do enjoy the comfy chairs," she said. "I would be thoroughly disappointed if my chair was stolen."

"I think it's unfortunate this happened," said USC VP-education Dave Ford. "You'd hope that it wasn't a student."

"I frankly don't understand," said USC VP-student affairs Matt Huether. "What's the point?" he asked. "To me, there almost seems to be more to the story," he hinted.

"Who the hell does something like this anyway?" wailed former USC president Chris Sinal, when told his picture was among the shattered remains. "Were [the criminals] incapable of coming up with something better to do?" he said. "It's totally senseless."

When the idea of a Web cam was suggested, Belliappa sounded interested, but claimed it would not fit in with USC priorities. "[But] I do believe in transparency," he remarked.

Calling the act of vandalism "sad," Yeoman appealed to the student body to help bring the perpetrators to justice. "I would urge anyone with any information to come forward to discuss it with CCPS," he said.



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