November 13, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 42  

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Belle and Sebastian: They made us laugh, they made us cry. Last Saturday, these Scottish folk-rockers turned Toronto's Massey Hall into the perfect conglomeration of a church and a big-ass disco party. We're the first to admit audience participation can be corny sometimes, but B&S pulled it off. Rock!

A snowless November... so far: OK, now that we've jinxed it, we can probably expect a great heap to dump tonight (hey, we're talking about snow, sicko!) In any case, for now, let us be thankful we have been snow-free so far. Canada's not so bad after all.

Korn and Limp Bizkit together again: OK, OK, we know there are a lot of Korn and LB haters, but come on - the Back 2 Basics tour featuring both of these headlining acts is a nice bit of nostalgia, if nothing else. Remember back in '97, when they played together at the Kool Haus and Bizkit got booed off the stage? Ahh, memories...


Putting Christmas decorations up way early: OK, what's with stores decorating for Christmas in early November? As soon as they pull down the paper bats and plastic pumpkins, they slap up the red-and-green garlands. Why does every holiday have to be so commercial?

Justin Guarini getting sued: The American Idol wannabe has fallen once again. But rather than losing a talent competition to the ever-irritating Kelly Clarkson, Guarini's getting ready to lose in court - to a Pennsylvania couple whose car Guarini rear-ended back in March. He's being sued for $100,000. That's what happens when you have "fame," Justin.

Kid Rock's Christmas special: Leave it to the Kid to ruin a bunch of classic holiday songs. On A Kid Rock Christmas, a VH1 special airing Dec. 14, the Rock will spout his own rap-rock version of such songs as "The 12 Days of Christmas" and "Frosty the Snowman." Is nothing sacred anymore?



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