November 13, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 42  

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Class acts: some of Western's greatest offerings

In the daily jungle of our university existence, it sometimes gets difficult to navigate; with hundreds of classes and professors, choosing the best ones can be next to impossible.

Unless you're Van Wilder, it's important to fulfill the graduation requirements for your degree. In fact, this is so important that you should probably stop reading this for a minute in order to contact the academic counsellor for your faculty. Make an appointment with them to go over your academic record and to check out whether you're meeting all your degree requirements. There's been many a horror story of someone not convocating on time (even though Grandma had already flown from Pittsburgh!) because they failed to make sure they had all their required credits.

If you know you're taking all your required courses, it likely means you have the opportunity to take electives (i.e. courses that are not degree requirements) which allow you to expand your horizons beyond your particular area of study.

This is where your ever-dependable Campus Life editors come in. This week, we've devoted the section to a small selection of what some of our staff members consider to be the best classes and professors at Western.

Soon you'll be filling out that good ol' intent to register form again and maybe just maybe -after reading our list, you'll be so happy with your class choices the first time around that you'll never have to stand in that endless add/drop line again.





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