November 13, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 42  

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Jock Talk with Jason Carrelas

What are your overall feelings towards nationals?
Nationals was a great experience for me and the whole team. They played the national anthem before each game and our names were even called out as we entered the field. The whole deal was pretty awesome.

How did the Mustangs measure up against the rest of the competition?
Our team came out super deep. With nine major injuries, it would be hard for another team to fill the field, but we have 18 solid players. I think that we did very well. Alberta won it all and we tied them. I would say we outplayed [Alberta] -we had 10 shots on net, whereas they only had about two.

How did you feel about the women's soccer team showing up as support?
The girls coming was such a surprise! We were all pumped about being there in the first place, but they made [the experience] a lot more enjoyable. We actually had more fans in Montreal than we do at home. Personally, I wanted the win even more when the girls were there watching us -it gave me the extra push I needed.

Were you nervous when you had to step in and play goal?
It was weird to be goalie, but I didn't really get nervous. I always wanted to play goal because my older brother played. I felt confident -there was no pressure since I'm not a goalie. I didn't expect much out of myself, but I wanted to help out the team as much as possible.

How did your teammates react to you as a goalie?
During the first half especially, I think everyone took a deep breath whenever the ball came in my direction. There's a lot of pressure on a goalie, and being an inexperienced one, there was more tension. By the second half, I was in my groove and everyone was feeling a bit more comfortable.

When you were in the net watching a player come directly at you, what were you feeling?
It was definitely a different perspective on the game, but I mainly just tried to stay focused on the ball. When the ball was shot into the top corner of the net, there wasn't anything I could do. My heart dropped because we were trying to win bronze.

When you aren't filling in as keeper, what are your best abilities on the field?
I think that I'm a dynamic player. I play on the left side along with Paco Barnett and we didn't let a goal in from our side all season. All around though, I try to play solid -there's not one thing I focus on. I would like to start scoring more goals and get a little more fit.

-Alison Stolz




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